If looked at with a clinical eye it's possible to view the entire experience of living as an exercise in suffering.


What is the value to this? What purpose could this possibly satisfy?



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Indeed.  I don't know why human beings project all their notions on everything like they do, chalk it up to the human condition.  

Why does the universe or your gods value suffering?

I see know evidence to suggest that the universe/ gods value suffering. I do not believe the universe/ gods are capable of preventing all suffering.

What is the value to this?

None, unless you can assign value to it.

What purpose could this possibly satisfy?

Why does there have to be a purpose?

We created the suffering,by lack of knowing

"The entire living experience as suffering"....If All, we did was suffer,we would indeed be miserable human beings.suffering is only one thing that,as humans in the physical realm we experience,along with joy,love,happiness,giddiness,fun,power,hate and hundreds of other experiences.....

I think, reading some replies that some of you are flat out miserable!

Plus what one person regards as suffering someone else may not.

And I am guessing that the topic doesn't just cover humans? Oh! Thats right WE cause the suffering of millions of animals and plants so it must cover people mustn't it? We are the gods to them aren't we?

Suffering is the best teacher. Just my opinion.

Can you give examples of how suffering,specifcally is the best teacher? myself? I dont have to lose the use of an arm to appreciate it and I have always endeavored when possible to learn from where another has fallen,so pherhaps I dont need to fall too.


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