Why doesn't God eliminate Satan?(I asked this on one of my Christian sites)

Christianity teaches that Satan is pure evil and imagine most Christians think Satan is the cause of all suffering. If this is true and God is all loving then why doesn't God just destroy Satan? He's God he can do anything right? It seems to me that God needs Satan, maybe to do his dirty work, I'm not sure, if Satan didn't have a purpose then why would God keep him around? Unless God likes to see us suffer-which often seems to be the case. What is Satan's purpose or role? Why does he exist?

I posted this on one of my Christian sites i'm curious to see how they respond.

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Okay, thinking back to my christian upbringing....I asked this once and was told that God wants his children to follow him, but wants it to be their choice, to choose between him and Satan. If he destroyed satan he would destroy the other choice, and wouldn't really know if his followers really chose him or just because they had no other choice. To which I responded, "But doesn't God know everything?" That was about where they would start to fidget and then say, "We are not supposed to have all the answers." LOL
That's the only response I've gotten so far is God wants us to choose. Apparently God is like a child-"pick me pick me if you don't and pick someone else I'll throw a fit!"

it's fun making them scratch there heads.
I used to do that a lot to my parents, ask the questions that challenged their beliefs. I was also grounded a lot for my "smartass" attitude. lol
"So bad Christians go to heaven and good nonChristians go to Hell? If that's the case then God is the evil one and I think I'll choose hell over heaven." I just posted that on another thread/different site. Their jaws are going to drop. I only wrote if because they kept robotically telling me God loves me but if I choose to view God differently than in the bible I'm going to Hell-but he loves me!.....
Beautifully put! But yeah, basically I hear that too when people find out I'm pagan, or see my pentacles, or come into my house, or whatever. The whole "if you're not a christian and think you are good, you only think you are good because that's what Satan wants you to think so he can get you into hell" bit.
I might toss them a Hail Satan and see what happens lol, but they've been fairly polite unlike the site I was banned from twice so I'll spare them the psychological trauma for now lol.
They'd have heart attacks. lol
lol, well it does seem that Satan is putting more work in getting your soul doesn't it?
George Carlin comes to mind here...

LOL your Grandmother is screaming up at you from Hell LOL...he was amazing...

Humans constructed their mythos; how did that even get started?  Did someone just make up the concept?  I don't think so.  Humans once saw the Gods daily.  They didn't rely on faith, they knew who the Gods were and the Gods left.  The early humans may not have understood what was going on but they knew the Gods.  They weren't some invisible old man in the sky who looks like Charleton Heston, they had airplanes and helicopters and flew around and built things.  

The Gods are real, they are flesh and blood and bone entities.  Perhaps one day they will return, which may or may not be a good thing for us. 



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