Why doesn't God eliminate Satan?(I asked this on one of my Christian sites)

Christianity teaches that Satan is pure evil and imagine most Christians think Satan is the cause of all suffering. If this is true and God is all loving then why doesn't God just destroy Satan? He's God he can do anything right? It seems to me that God needs Satan, maybe to do his dirty work, I'm not sure, if Satan didn't have a purpose then why would God keep him around? Unless God likes to see us suffer-which often seems to be the case. What is Satan's purpose or role? Why does he exist?

I posted this on one of my Christian sites i'm curious to see how they respond.

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I think the issue with most "Christian" beliefs, is that they tend to impart human feelings and failings into their GOD.  I don't believe in Hell, or Satan.  If you read some of the old texts, and keep in mind all of them were written by men, for men...you will find a few passages regarding Lucifer, a bringer of light in God's pantheon who riled up some of the angels and was cast from Heaven for it.  Satan as such was created in ancient times by the current religious belief in charge, to control the populace as was Hell. Most organized religions "interpret" the bible as they wish, not even taking into consideration the original interpretation was converted from ancient Hebrew and may not even be correct.  It never ceases to amaze me how man will give his heart and soul to a belief with no proof or solid evidence to support it, yet they denigrate solid, hands on scientific proof.  Why? It's called "faith", a human emotion.

As for "Satan"...read.  Research on your own, keep an open mind and when you have all the facts and tidbits of information you can find, form your own opinion.  Personally my interpretation of "God" is the Universal Energy that makes up our Universe, of which we are all collectively part of.  We all contain a spark of the divine in us, and when we leave this Earthly abode, return to that which is God. As such there is no evil, no hell, no Satan, only what we as humans create in our own life experiences good or bad.

I'm not totally sure Satan is an evil entity The only  one who can account for any evil behavior from Satan is God Personally I'll be had many years of prayer to the4 Christian god and tried to trust in the bible and I discovered many actions by the entity that was in my view quite evil so the god of Christians I feel is not trustworthy. But I know nothing of the character of satan cause I have no experience with him/her except for the bible of which I do not trust so I enorage folks to explore other documents other than the bible to get better perspective on this issue

In one of Anne Rice's books, i think it was Tale of the Body Thief, the character David Talbot saw an apparition of God and Satan in a restaurant.  They were sitting at a table arguing about Satan's job.  Satan was telling God that he didn't like his job an God was telling him that he needs to continue his work because it is necessary.

While I have different religious beliefs, it makes the most sense to me that Satan actually works FOR God, for evil is necessary.  Without evil, there can be no good.  Without darkness there can be no light.

take this with a gain of salt....

with out evil there would not be good. "God" gave adam and eve free will after eve broke the only rule of utopia (utopia means perfection/a perfect place). with free will comes choices. in order to have choices there needs to be 2 sides, good choices and bad choices. Lucifer was the pretties angel god had created (in theory). Lucifer was coincided and he hated Adam. God told him to love the humans and protect them but Lucifer disobeyed and fell from heaven. He became the "bad choices". That was his fate.

i personally dont believe that. This was written by man and there are many many versions of this, but this is the one i was told as a child by my very christian family. so there you have it.

My opinion on this is from an eclectic Christo-Pagan world-view, and I assure you that this is pure opinion derived only from what I know about Christianity and Judaism.

It could be said that Satan works for God. He's the "state's attorney general" or whatever. Humans do 99% of the screwing-up. Some of the Christian scriptures talk about a fallen Angel. Nothing says anything about pure evil. He isn't equal to the Christian God, he's an underling who maybe gets too much of a kick over humanity's screw-ups. It's possible he even contributes to them(citing texts wherein he's referred to as the father of lies), but this in a way is still doing the work of showing God who his most faithful are. The Christian texts say that basically Satan is not a problem. That any trouble he causes is temporal and has no repercussion in the eternal scheme of things. 

That coincides somewhat with the Jewish sources cited a few comments ago

Jewish mysticism expands on the idea that Satan works for God. My opinion is pretty close to the Jewish sources. I always have a penchant for Jewish demonology/evil though.

The christian god won't do away with Satan because he can't. Christians like to think that everything outside of their own religion is governed by Satan, but in reality they're the ones who have given him so much power. Their faith in him as the 'great adversary' has given him life in a way that no other faith ever could.

They worry about what he's doing.

They see his influence everywhere.

They are terrified that he might have some influence over their lives, their children, their community, their country, their sexual behavior.

Their fear of Satan has granted him equal power to their god figure, who is supposed to be omnipresent and ultimately powerful. Christians have rendered Satan invincible. Define irony.

Honestly with this many people on earth they needed a religion to mend the minds of the willing to live by the rules and morals in the bible. No offense to anyone but Christians are very narrow minded people, hard to sway and easily believe things that intelligent people would normally dismiss as non-sense. Most Christians argue that god is a proven fact and earth is 5000 years old and it wouldn't surprise me if many still think there is only one solar system. The bible dismisses most things that have become scientific fact so why is it a popular religion?? It uses fear. Gandi once said fear is the enemy. People follow (no matter what they say) because of fear of being wrong. Many Christians i know say they believe because its better to do than be wrong and end up in hell. They fear the possibility of god existing, to me why would people follow a religion that scares its followers into submission??? Also it Satan is the enemy of god then he represents fear so when you go to church every Sunday who are you really going for god??? Or have you fallen into the paradox of your own religion........

Many pagans are very guilty of pseudo-science as well. I mean how many still believe that Wicca is an old religion that survived underground, that there was Matriarchal prehistory that was taken by the man, that Lilith is a historical goddess, and other lies the pump people with in books published by Llewellyn? I've seen pagans be just as narrow minded. try talking to the mainstream about Satanism or any sort of LHP offshoot and them using the term 'pagan' or 'witch'. Don't think that only Christians are prone to silly beliefs and things that don't agree with science.

If fear is the enemy, then Karma replaced Satan in Neopaganism.

I have read the book of job and satan was n the divine council there. God gave permission to Satan to ruin his life and see what job would do then. How I view the Christian Satan is he is nor good nor evil. He has a job to tempt man away from God and to rule over Hell. I myself personally do not believe in Satan or any type of evil devil because man does a good job messing up all by themselves. That has always been my thought.
It's simple, none of these 2 exist, that's why one can't destroy the other one. I just don't see a reason anyone would believe in a huge guy in the skies, loving everyone.

As said earlier, sry for this, I know you Americans are a lot more religious than us, Europeans.

Do not look for the reasons of the god or satan behind actions, there is a) mortal being or b) nature/cosmos behind it.


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