Why doesn't God eliminate Satan?(I asked this on one of my Christian sites)

Christianity teaches that Satan is pure evil and imagine most Christians think Satan is the cause of all suffering. If this is true and God is all loving then why doesn't God just destroy Satan? He's God he can do anything right? It seems to me that God needs Satan, maybe to do his dirty work, I'm not sure, if Satan didn't have a purpose then why would God keep him around? Unless God likes to see us suffer-which often seems to be the case. What is Satan's purpose or role? Why does he exist?

I posted this on one of my Christian sites i'm curious to see how they respond.

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I don't know how to make the little upward arrows that point to your comment, but yeah - THIS. Absolutely.

...and what a mess it is.

Satan and Yahweh are the Akadian names of the Gods Enki and Enlil.  That would mean that Satan is the older brother of the Hebrew God.  However, it was Marduk that took on the name Jehovah and Ra.  Which means the Abrahamics worship the son of Satan.  It was Satan that came up with th the idea of creating human kind to work for them.

So Enlil can't kill Enki, their Dad Anu would get pissed.  Meanwhile it was Marduk running around creating the one god idea and the beginnings of the mystery traditions in Egypt.

Then, suddenly; some of the creatures they created to run the technical things for them took over and drove all the Gods from the earth and became the new gods over humans.

These things we know as the Grays who drive the UFOs.  

Some humans however have the DNA of the Gods and so, have some of their abilities.  The thing is; what is it and how can it be tapped into?  



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