So often the web mistress Sarrfire Price makes many changes to improve our lovely on line community Pagan Space .


I will say there have been one or two scrip errors that have occurred in my time here and even a situation with the server (ning) that made it nearly impossible to participate here unless you were on a mac or changed your web browser to Firefox.


So WTF is up with a white background don't think I care for it . What is your take on it .


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pure as the driven snow....just like me.....
Yea ,is that the same snow that fell in the summer of 1996?
I beleive so, and I suspect you don't mean the April 1st snow storm that year.
Good question I though I was either really high or my computer was fucked up... I'm glad I'm not the only one!
well, I'm neither and it looks white to me
Good !

Well , though it is ultimately Starrfire's site , we are here...


So , yes , I am not a fan of white and mud brown , as the

main site colors...does affect me in a way I would

rather not be here...;)


But some on Paganspace would prefer


So , Starrfire , your choice...what do you REALLY want ?

I personally would like to try out a nice light purple or even better a glittery periwinkle .

Now see , here we go...


Rust red highlight , dark cream background

maybe with some canned unicorn meat too?

No...that goes stale one second after death...

why kill what needs to be eternal ?


If we are going there...


Ground up isms , shredded belief systems , self

referring schlock , and canned laughter , will add

some colorful range , to a flat white background...;)

ummm....just a temporary temporary???


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