So often the web mistress Sarrfire Price makes many changes to improve our lovely on line community Pagan Space .


I will say there have been one or two scrip errors that have occurred in my time here and even a situation with the server (ning) that made it nearly impossible to participate here unless you were on a mac or changed your web browser to Firefox.


So WTF is up with a white background don't think I care for it . What is your take on it .


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I still love Don Quixote...;)

*lol* Yep, it's still white like Hugs to you!
I like it.  And I would rather have a white background than another color that might make the words hard to read.
I have always preferred white background for text, imo it's much cleaner and easier to read. Sites with busy backgrounds and weird colors make my head When I first started PS white backgrounding was one thing that I was insistent on and wanted to remain. Thanks so much for your feedback :) Hugs!
It looks fine, some of those who feel it's too bright can turn down the brightness on their screens a tad.  To me the posting area seems wider but I probably just didn't really pay attention before.

Due to my eyes , Rickymouse , if I turn down screen brightness ,

I can't see the lighter there is no any size fits all solution...


Just pointing it out , no dissension meant...;)

The background color and text color didn't change at all with the makeover. I agree, It is hard to make everyone happy when things change a bit :) Hugs to you.
I'm pretty happy......
YAY! :) Hugs to you Lass!
It's always been white...but anyway, does it REALLY matter??? lol

"It's always been white"


I keep saying that

LOL,SIN.I didnt even know what they were talking about.........


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