So often the web mistress Sarrfire Price makes many changes to improve our lovely on line community Pagan Space .


I will say there have been one or two scrip errors that have occurred in my time here and even a situation with the server (ning) that made it nearly impossible to participate here unless you were on a mac or changed your web browser to Firefox.


So WTF is up with a white background don't think I care for it . What is your take on it .


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sounds good to me!!!! Bet Yarom will like it too!

I like it, easier to read.


Hopefully its just temporary.
I also thought the white background on the forum page was just my browser acting up as well. I'm glad to see that its not my browser being a pain in the butt.
*lol* I just couldn't say it
Yes sin just like some of yours , unbelievable and unlike you I didn't even have to bump it ....
someone must have been in your personal restroom......


At current count the thread has 73 posts . 41 of them are yours . This is very typical for you. Not only that but on the large majority of your threads you make a point of getting the last word .

and this one is 21 out of 31 post were yours ... atypical .



So Sin baby if your looking for a fight please take yourself to the nearest mirror look that nasty bitch in the eye and knock her out cold like she keeps begging to be .

,GOING to aerobics........MORNING!!!
I've bumped mine...if topics resurface or I even want too,but that's me.......I adore you Yarom ,you know I do,but this is a really silly topic......


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