Welcome all members and visitors to our group here on PS. It is our privilege to educate, inform, and serve you all in the matters of the Dark Mother concerning life and death.

Although we all follow many Goddesses from various cultures we all unite here under the same banner of the Dark Mother. You will find this group has it's religious beliefs but it is more of an occult order and mystery tradition that takes one to the heart of their own personal Godhead. This is a Pagan Sisterhood. Others may belong to Wiccan Covens as we do not provide Wiccan worship. We do not worship the God in our circle, although you may choose to personally.


So yes there are Wiccans amongst us but they are fully apart of our group and practice as we do in our circle. There are also many other Pagans from other paths and the same applies to them. I personally have my own male Deities but they do not come into this Oracle Circle while I'm here. What unites us is our love and devotion for the Dark Mother in her many guises, and our Sisterhood. We provide services of the Dark Goddess on her behalf for our respective communities.

Resources here will be provided for you to look up information to aid you in your study. We INCLUDE SOLITARY PRACTITIONERS. There is a Mother Coven that keeps track of the Sisters, and their activities, however we are promoting our Dark Goddess tradition here, not so much as the Mother Coven. The tradition itself is called Witches of the the Blackberry Field. The Mother Coven is known as The Oracle, because the Oracle of Delphi was called the navel of the Greek world, there for the Mother Coven is the navel of the tradition of the WBBF. 

Our tradition is based on Greek, Chaldean, Egyptian, Sumerian, Celtic and Eastern Mysticism (yes my library at home is huge). Our tradition is influenced by Hermeticism, and Wicca but we are neither and one can clearly see this when reading our files. We follow the teachings very closely of the Hellenistic Hekate, of what her Oracles left behind in writing, as well as the practices of the Oracle of Delphi (minus the animal sacrifices).

As for the local group here we will be meeting on a regular biases to exercise and hon our talents and abilities. Thank you all for congregating here and I wish you all well in your endeavors to honor and practice the ways of the Old Religions and the ancient Oracles. If you have further inquires please read the FAQ section and if your question is not there then please contact me via the messaging system here on PS. 

Namaste, and blessings - 
The White Lady and Oracle Mother Slaying Crow O'Hagan 
(always slaying inner demons, Jai Kali Ma )


We are not a "goth" circle we come from many different backgrounds.

We are not a "Vampire" or Satanic group, nor do we have anything to do with the fiction known as the Necromonicon. What you do in your own time is your business though. 

This is not a group for RPGs, we expect serious study and devotion to our religious path. 

The Sisterhood is a supportive tradition which is why we work with the Dark Mother, to seek the Light in the Darkness and merge with that Light. 

We are not a substitute for professional counseling or medication., we are in addition to as spiritual support.

We are a robed circle and do not practice skyclad. 

Our Oracles do not do drugs and are expected to be responsible during a session. 

All hospice volunteers are expected to undergo the same legal training as anyone else. 

We do not preform nor train clergy for Handfastings, only funerals and baby blessings.




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Sorceress Slaying Crow O'Hagan said:
Sorceress Slaying Crow O'Hagan said:
Of course this is for any Witches out there who are interested in doing Oracle work weather they were born with with ability or not. If you're not interested that's okay just let this be for those students who are interested. Thanks.

Here is our Yahoo group for interested sister as well.

Sorceress Slaying Crow O'Hagan said:

We welcome all daughters of Dark Goddesses of all cultures from around the world. We welcome and invite the daughters of the Dark Goddesses to come and join us in our sacred lighting of fires and dance.

We serve our respective communities in many capacities that we specialize in each. This includes funeral clergy, sacred body washers, councilors, healers, and divine Oracles.

Here are some of the many Goddesses we honor and welcome their worship amongst our sisters. I;m sure there are some that are not covered however I hope this gives all sisters here an idea of who we are looking for.

The Erinyes
The Hesperides
The Moirae
Mother Holle
Baba Yaga

Blessings of the Dark Mother to all. Hail the Dark Goddesses! Hail to their daughters!

Roman fresco from the temple of Isis in Pompeii, Io is welcomed in Egypt by Isis.

For many years in the various temples of antiquity Priests have traditionally served throughout history in multiple capacities on behalf of their Gods and Goddesses. The most famous serving Priests being those of the great temple of Delphi.
Today in the temples of our Dark Goddesses men work with us in various ways although they are not part of the inner sisterhood. They serve in our temples when it is open to the public and help to organize public events with us. We call these volunteering Priests in our temples Plutarchs in honor of the long standing Priest Plutarch who served in the temple of Delphi for many years. These Plutarchs work on our behalf as an offering to their respective Dark Goddesses.
To know more about how you as a man can get involved read the following link.
Our Priests or Our Plutarchs in Our Tradition

The White Lady and Oracle Mother
Sorceress Slaying Crow O'Hagan


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