Woman wins lottery and is still getting welfare and foodstamps

Can you believe this, my food stamps got cut cause I will make to much on Disability

Yet this woman wins lottery for a million dollars in Michigan and is legally allowed to keep her  Welfare assistance and food stamps. They interviewed her and she said she has right to and has a hrad time paying for too houses, her kids etc,.

Well WTF use your wininngs LOL

What is wrong with this picture???????????????????????????

Lady Hekate

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Her sense of entitlement is outrageous and she has the nerve to say she knows her rights... after going public with her story I believe soon someone is going to inform her of her rights beginning with .. you have the right to remain silent etc...  unless she is a widow and inherited those homes somehow.. I wonder where daddy is???

Yes indeed. She has a lot of nerve when I think there's veterans who walk around in winter, homeless and hungry.

Damn her.

Shakes head in shame for those who need it and don't qualify!

It's people like that, that has turned welfare, food stamps, and other programs like that into a joke.

this makes me sick. i was on welfare for 5 years while husband and i got back on our feet after he was wrongly fired (basically he was reported as having hit a coworker and because he couldnt prove that he didnt he was fired. keep in mind co worker wasnt injured, no police report filed, no medical report. my hubby couldnt prove his innocence and they fired him. i was 7 months pregnant at the time. we lost our house, we lived in the woods for awhile, but we scrimped and saved what cash assistance we could and we moved in with in laws. took us five years for hubby to get cdl and get enough work experience that he could find a good job. as soon as that happened we went off assistance willingly. there are others that needed it more than us anyway. the system is rigged though because my dad recieves only 1000 a month in ss to cover household expenses. my mom is disabled and cannot work legitimately. and yet they recieve only 8 bucks a month in food stamps. sure my mothers medical is covered, but 8 bucks? come on. the first time she got her first check it was 16 dollars. so now not only is my hubby paying for our household expenses, but sometimes i have to help out my parents too when they need it. i dont mind im just saying, i thought that the welfare was in place for a reason, and then things like this happen. im not just saying this because it affects me, i find it sad and sick anyway. i wish i could let this woman live in the woods, 9 months pregnant, in a tent. wonder if she'd change her tune. we need a show called trading lives, instead of trading spouses or wifeswap. they need to see how the rest of us live


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