Worried about the sexualization of young children and masking it as art.

OK what are your thoughts on this. personally i think the routine
artistic but who the hell would let their 7yo do that kind of a dance to a song about a Guy watching his ex girlfriend dancing friendly with another man at a club,
and not think it is improper.?

I am all for artistic expression but this is crossing a line that we
really shouldn't be crossing. thoughts please do you think I am over reacting to this?

No I do not have any children so I can't say that I understand from that viewpoint, but I am an artist so I can comment on it that way and I am not buying the whole " you just don't understand its just a dance" theory. They are still way to young for those moves and those outfits.
if we let this just go aren't we creating the very situations child predictors crave and capitalize on.


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thank you i was unaware that this was already up
The dancing isn't too over the top, but what they're wearing (or lack of what they're wearing, really) is kind of what concerns me. Stage parents will do anything to get their kids into the limelight. I spent most of my high school years in competitive choir and show choir, and let me tell you... stage moms are usually a pretty scary and judgmentally challenged breed.
Seeing as it's the person viewing the child who decides if something is "sexualized" I'm really not worried about it. It's not the kids' fault that someone doesn't see them AS kids, but as a sexual object, any more then it's the woman's fault she got raped for wearing a low cut top.

When someone complains about anything being "sexualized" my first thought is, "So why do YOU see them as sexual?"
well as it is me asking. From my own viewpoint, my first thought was " i wonder how many pedos are in the audience getting off to this" and as i am so not into kids or woman I do not find it sexualized for me but it is highly suggestive. and yes your right it is a person to person view. I am just a bit surprised at the lack of propriety I guess. In my view, for the outfit and the dance the dancers should be about 10-15 years older.
And if you don't mind my piggy backing on what you said, a person does not have to see them as sexual to recognize that others do. I don't have to see my daughter in a sexual way to notice some pervert in the store looking at her a little to closely (and believe me, this dad responds confrontationally in those situations). I know people, guys in particular, and I know how they think. That does not mean I think like them, but only that I recognize it for what it is.
What does it matter that some "pedo" might be getting off on it? People can get off on the lingerie section of a clothes catalogue. Shall we ban catalogues? Trying to police peoples thoughts is a losing proposition.

If someone ACTS on those impulses and victimizes someone, it's STILL NOT the victim's fault.

I'm again going to ask the question, this time with a changed word, since you seem to think it makes a difference: So why do YOU see them as highly suggestive? I'm not being flippant here, I'm asking because people don't seem to question their thoughts and feelings on the subject.
I find it highly inappropriate, Again i am not against the dance itself i just don't think it should be performed by 7yos.
These physically immature girls are wearing a costume that is designed to look like lingerie and lingerie is designed to be sexy, seductive, and alluring, to draw the eye and hint at what may come next no matter who its on. Matter of perspective or not we still have to contend with the psychology of the situation. As an example, Morals may change from era to era but would you want to walk into a room to hear your 7 year old daughter singing "picture" by Sheryl Crow and Kidd Rock (A song about a couple sleeping around on each other and and not really caring about it tell their conscience catches up to them). It is the same situation. There are some things that don't need to be done by children. And can we be sure that these girls know what the theme of the song is they are dancing to.
"It isn't age appropriate material" I hope I got the essence of your question.

having said that I do agree we cannot tell people what they can and can't think, nor should anyone be given that much power, and you are right that people don't often think about "the how and why" they think a certain way, but common sense should still be functioning somewhere.
Wolfen one, I doubt you are doing it on purpose, but you aren't answering my question.

You keep telling me what you see when I'm asking you for the reason behind WHY you see it as such. I'm asking you to look deeper, to examine the process by which you've come to your ideas.

For the record I don't have a problem with kids singing/dancing to so called provocative songs. Why? Because I don't see kids as sexual. I see them as kids doing something they enjoy. It would be entirely unfair and unnecessary to project my own ideas onto their doings. If others want see them as something "sexual" that's up to them. If they try to act on those ideas, they'd better hope I'm nowhere near them.
For the record I don't have a problem with kids singing/dancing to so called provocative songs. Why? Because I don't see kids as sexual. I see them as kids doing something they enjoy.

The idea that their dress is "exposed" is a social construct, nothing more.

As for their self-esteem, do you really think criticizing their costumes as not appropriate is going to help? Commenting on it only implies there is something wrong/shameful with it and by extension anyone that wears it. It may not be logical, but it's a leap the subconscious mind makes very easily...and it's not limited to kids.
You where right I was leaving out the reason why and it took a bit of thinking to get it to rise to the surface beyond the emotion.
My reason is the dance more than anything, I love dance and even took it in schook so I know the dicipline required for the level of skill these girls have. But i also know that Dance has power. I see this more and more where people are forgetting that dance is one of the main ways that most tribal cultures, and a lot of pagan way use to get into their altered state for whatever communion they do with whatever sourse they believe in.
Even biblically they understood dances had a power to them, and poeple died for it.
for an example we have the spiral dance that is used to raise up or disperse power, there is also the famus dance of the seven vails that was considered so provocative thatit was only danced by a wife for her husband ( or a concubine for whoever her lodr comanded) and anyone caught dancing it outside the marrage was executed.
The beheading of john the baptist is a example, the young woman danced so well that "she stole the heart of the king" -put him into an enthralled state- so that any request she made he was willing to grant her.

Weather these girls now what they are doing or not is irrelevent, the more people believe in a thing the more power that thing has, the moves these girls do is provocotive and they are sexual moves designed to sexualize the woman dancing them to get the guy that is watching or dancing with her to think somethins gonna happen tonight. I personally would not have a problem with it if they where all about 13 years older.

IT does NOT matter if any of these girls know how to cast or practice anything with intent at all, the dance is a form of cast itself and a magikal art in its own right that has tremendous power and potential, and by sexualizing the dance that is what you are calling in. ANd all it takes is enough people in in the crowd with the exact same thought to start screwing with thingsthat shouldnt be.

gotta get for now.
I am Sorry fo all the spelling errors in that last one, I didn't realize i made so many.


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