So I just left Columbia and it was fucking awesome and I loved every minute of it(spent too much money but that’s a different story). So as usual I had an awesome time and so did most everyone else. A lot of drinking and other carnal activities took place with a lot of these people. Something was brought to my attention however when I had a conversation with a group of guys I was hanging out with. The conversation was about statistics in Columbia. There are 5 million people in Columbia and 2 million of them are prostitutes, so out of every 5 women at least one was a prostitute. The people talked with disdain about what a shame it was and how it would be hard to find a “good girl” to actually have a relationship with. Now this irritated the shit out me because the same person who spoke this had absolutely no problem with enjoying himself with women of such “questionable” caliber. What the hell is the big damn deal?! I know that I am an asshole but I do judge people on there character and what’s on the inside. One of my best friends is married to an ex bar girl and they love each other very deeply. Hell they even have a kid together! Why is it so hard to appreciate someone’s inner virtue and not judge them for such simple acts?! Why must people live 2 different lives?! What the fuck is a “good girl?!” Do these women exist for people to live 2 different lives simply because they don’t have the nut sack to do these things with there “good girls?” What would that person truly loose to just be honest with themselves? Is it shame? Or are they scared of what is socially acceptable? Now let us reverse this question around. Say you meet a person and you like this person and you are dating this person. Later in the dating scene like 2 or 3 dates down the road they tell you that they had been an actor or actress in pornography. Would this turn you off from some sort of moral compass? Or would you continue dating the individual and appreciate them for who they are? Can love not be found and appreciated in all forms or only a certain form?

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Spoken well and true. You are free spirit; tis a shame that it seems that there are so few of them. I am very interested in seeing where this thread goes and how many people will read it and leave no comment. Thank you Miriam
It's just a job. Anyone who is too straght laced, I probably wouldn't trust.

As far as "good girls" go, That would be boring.
You know I read through your post and all I could think was, wow how very christian of your friends to judge others.
People are people, they are who they are, not what they do.
I feel extremely sorry for anyone who has to or believes they have work in the sex trade to have a living. We needn't try to downplay the extensive hurt this kind of " job " brings on the people involved, from every point.

not judge them for such simple acts?!

I don't judge women/men for being in a situation where prostitution is the only game in town and they have to feed their children or even themselves but to just do it because the money is better then working at Mcdonalds is just plain irresponsible, unless you keep your rank ass excluded from poring out your diseases on unsuspecting people and this isn't likely.

The fact is you might get cancer from smoking and you might even expose your children and others to cancer from smoking but this is hardly a thing to use to justify behaviors that are a danger to unsuspecting people.

I don't know how anyone can know about the wife or husband who has HIV or has to undergo medical treatment for syphilis because their spouse cheated on them with a prostitute, or for that matter anyone else acting promiscuously, and justify irresponsible sex by saying it is no different than smoking.

I agree Ascerion, a person who will engage themselves with someone for hire and then down that person, thinking themselves any better, is just an ignorant person but we can't be so quick to label the irresponsible sex acts by either side as a "simple act," denoting that it isn't any big deal.

I'm sorry, I disagree with a lot of things but tossing out a baby with the dirty bathwater and just deciding that because something like prostitution, just because it has been around forever, and labeling it sex industry, is just simple acts, no different than any other job, doesn't get it. Murder, slavery and other such deplorable things have been around forever too, would you like to see slavery reinstated and random murder treated as just another job?
Wow I actually read the whole thing... Becuase in society we have the bad girl and the good girl.... Men can not do tohse things with the good girl... They have a image to maintain... The bad girls get all the flack becuase it is a paternal society and that means men do not get the flack for the sins they commit.... While the woman have ot shoulder all the responsbilitys...
I don't see what's wrong with having a genuine loving relationship with a stripper/prostitute/whatever. It's just another way for people to make an honest living, they're still a person just as much as anyone else. All this crap about them being some kind of detriment to society is a product of Christianity and sexism. There are some lawyers ands politicians whose careers I would consider more "immoral" than prostitutes.

Glad you had fun in Columbia, they have some damn fine women. I don't know if I'd want to go there though, I find it a little "unstable" for a vacation spot.
"There are some lawyers and politicians whose careers I would consider more "immoral" than prostitutes."

Haha, I'd say "some" is being generous. I'd be much more inclined to trust (or date / sleep with / etc.) a prostitute than a politician.
There are a couple different points I'd like to lay out...
There's a big difference between enjoying, exploring, and sharing your sexuality with people you care about and/or are attracted to, and selling your sexuality. One is admirable; as it expands mental, emotional, and spiritual horizons (college experimentation can be a good example of this)
...the other is simple whoring....
.....and you don't have to be a prostitute to be a whore.
You can sell your sexuality for security and/or material gain (loveless marriage).... You can sell your sexuality for supposed Salvation (catholic priesthood or nunnery)...Hell, you can even sell your sexuality for an expensive dating experience, among a myriad of other things.
In actuality, prostitutes are the most honest whores there are, because at least they're upfront about what the transaction consists of, and all the terms and conditions are laid out in black and white.
You know what? As long as he/she agrees to be tested for STD's before we hop into bed together, I'd take an honest Prostitute over a manipulative Whore any day of the week.
Actually that's a shameful statistic. I am very sad that this is the only way to view women. But I understand they are forced into that there because the country is horrible. I see it a bit like slavery and I can't see why women should only be objectified like that. But then again, people can do whatever they please even if its not the best attitude to take.
Personally, I think that if this was part of someone's history, if I truly loved them, I could come to terms with their history and move on.

However, I personally I wouldn't be comfortable with them continuing their profession. Prostitution and the pornography industry are at a high risk for STDs and VDs. I wouldn't be comfortable being in a relationship with them if they were still in their profession... but as I stated; if it was in their past and they are done with it, I believe I could get over it and love them still.
These are some interesting responses Im getting from this and I must admit I am quit pleased with the aftermath. Ascerion Art'Anose your response comes from deep within and I appreciate that. Don’t worry man black metal and absinth will commence when I come back, lol. Sin out of all the answers yours makes me smile. Humans can be such ass hats ass you so rightly pointed out. Now here is the issue that perturbed me the most. If it is legal to make more money than a McDonalds’ job what is so irresponsible about that? If a job paid me good money and it was “legal” and I had no issue with it then what’s the big deal? Self respect deals with what you think of yourself and not what others say. Also in other countries that I have visited it is completely legal and the women must be checked. Prostitution is not all about throwing some “innocent” girl in the back of a van and being forced into the sex trade. Hell in Hong Kong I struck up a conversation with one and she told me she was going to college and the money she made was paying it. The point is why make a big deal about something that’s honestly not a big deal? It’s a job that pays quit well for some. I have respect for these people and I think others should too instead of the biased and thoughtless comment that are so easy to throw around. I judge people for who they are inside. I know men and women who are unhappily married just because the married that “good” girl/boy. Now there bored with there relationships and they seek outside satisfaction. Hell if they where honest with what they wanted they could find someone who has no problem sating that desire with that person or with others with that person. I have said what I have got to say. Enjoy yourselves everyone. I know I have and I know I will.

There's a lot of danger being a prostitute and they do have people who are forced in it, and China is a very male dominated place thus my reply about not having many 'rights' and therefore being forced by culture. There is men who can beat her up or abuse her (which was shown in Babylonian documents and in the Japanese movie Ichi the Killer for example) and at worst you have people who will kill you. (Green River killer for example.) A lot of them tend also to be drug addicts which makes perfect sense.


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