So I just left Columbia and it was fucking awesome and I loved every minute of it(spent too much money but that’s a different story). So as usual I had an awesome time and so did most everyone else. A lot of drinking and other carnal activities took place with a lot of these people. Something was brought to my attention however when I had a conversation with a group of guys I was hanging out with. The conversation was about statistics in Columbia. There are 5 million people in Columbia and 2 million of them are prostitutes, so out of every 5 women at least one was a prostitute. The people talked with disdain about what a shame it was and how it would be hard to find a “good girl” to actually have a relationship with. Now this irritated the shit out me because the same person who spoke this had absolutely no problem with enjoying himself with women of such “questionable” caliber. What the hell is the big damn deal?! I know that I am an asshole but I do judge people on there character and what’s on the inside. One of my best friends is married to an ex bar girl and they love each other very deeply. Hell they even have a kid together! Why is it so hard to appreciate someone’s inner virtue and not judge them for such simple acts?! Why must people live 2 different lives?! What the fuck is a “good girl?!” Do these women exist for people to live 2 different lives simply because they don’t have the nut sack to do these things with there “good girls?” What would that person truly loose to just be honest with themselves? Is it shame? Or are they scared of what is socially acceptable? Now let us reverse this question around. Say you meet a person and you like this person and you are dating this person. Later in the dating scene like 2 or 3 dates down the road they tell you that they had been an actor or actress in pornography. Would this turn you off from some sort of moral compass? Or would you continue dating the individual and appreciate them for who they are? Can love not be found and appreciated in all forms or only a certain form?

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Xoc your point does have validity but is not completely true. There are those that do enjoy there profession and there are even families that are a whole clan of prostitutes. The mama-san being the grand mother at times. Hell in Thailand not only do you sleep with your prostitute but she/he will show you around the city and pretty much be your companion and the only thing you have to pay for is sex. There care those that enjoy there jobs and make good money from it. If there was anything that I could try to argue or fight would be more rights for those in the situation that you speak of Xoc. The high paid prostitutes in a lot of the countries brothels go by contract. They are subject to the terms of the contract and hence they have more support from there collaborators. Its not all bad.


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