Just as the title says. You are not a fairy of any kind, you are a human. Your genetics are resembling every other humans. If you say you are a fairy or whatever unicorn thing you want to say you are at least recognize this is just role playing and you are not actually (fill in whatever psychological dysfunction you could think of here). If you really do believe you are.......i suggest a psychiatrist and some medication to help you sort out your psychological issues.

If you do not think you are or role play as such this does not apply to you. Now to the people it does apply to. Tell me why you think you are because i need a good laugh.

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Sounds like a projection of yourself on this board.  I dunno Anthony, maybe you'll win people over on Facebook.  Doesn't appear to be occurring here.   Good luck though.

Tell me again about the Genetic Markets in Williams Syndrome?  They are described on the medical books as 'elf like features', why use this description?  What about the missing genes that factor in to their behavioral models not just their biology?  I think you've completely missed the point of the users comment, or the purpose of the videos I added to it, but keep at it.  Maybe you'll get it. Try harder.

Its my opinion, and aren't i entitled to it? lol I find it funny that some people can say whatever they want, but others get the hammer. Wonder why that is.

I have no issues with people getting into arguments (within reason) or debates and I do realize they can get heated at times but if you cannot police your own behavior and realize when it's on the verge of going too far then you could find yourself removed.


Basic Site Rules

I believe this is what Rose is referring to Anthony.  Your opinion is not being addressed, it is your delivery.  You are not discussing the content, you are discussing the user in a profane manner.

And tell me that others don't do that same and have nothing said to them? If you say that doesn't happen you are either biased or just plain lying.

I think what you are missing here, is the Site Rules were updated 10/28/12 by Starrfire Price, in an effort to curb it more widely.  If it continues beyond 10/28/12, users will be moderated accordingly.  It's in an effort to create more fruitful discussions, vs. constant flame-baiting, trolling, and personal attacks.  

It is affecting the topics, and traffic to the site.  Having only been an Admin for a short time, I can say it's more visible to me.

If there have been similar comments made by other users since 10/28/12, I haven't seen them.  If you know of any, refer me to a link.

Again, if you want more of THIS as described in your topic, perhaps you should be more active in creating this environment yourself.  

I can post all the threads i want, but its the community that has to play the part in making this site fulfilling for every member.

The 'community' is always a developing thing, and when the members tell you what they do not like, or like to see less of you don't appear to be open to those issues.  You do seem hell bent on creating discourse for the sake of discourse alone.  You have a bone to pick with Otherkin?  Awesome, blog it.  Creating an entire trolling/flame-baiting topic for your entertainment will invite users on the site to address your intentionality.  If you don't want these comments, as noted, perhaps you should blog it.

In addition, this statement does violate the Terms of Use.  It is also violates the Basic Site Rules.

Refrain from using this type of expression when voicing your opinion on any given subject.  This is not exclusive to your account, it applies to all members on the site.

Warning issued.  

Your so full of shit that you make peoples heads spin.

This is not an opinion. It's a personal attack.


Having an opinion is not a free pass to constantly belittle and flame people. I'll be real blunt here, I just looked over your activity and you have not contributed anything aside from just being rude to people, most of which have not even engaged you; it's old and quite honestly, I've had my fill of it. Your time here has ended, there are too many people on this site who want to interact and discuss topics without being trolled and flame-baited. I hope you find a site that can better curtail to your needs, this is not that site.

I met a girl when she was 15 and now she is 22 and looks exactly the same.  She also has pointy ears.  I'm convinced she is a pixie.

Psychiatry (Therianthropy)

Among a sampled set of psychiatric patients, the belief of being part animal, or clinical lycanthropy, was generally associated with severe psychosis, but not always with any specific psychiatric diagnosis or neurological findings.[11] Others regard clinical lycanthropy as a delusion in the sense of the self-identity disorder found in affective and schizophrenic disorders, or as a symptom of other psychiatric disorders.[12]

See: Source [11] HERE

See: Source [12] HERE

I was curious to know how the field of psychiatry deals with Therians. I wonder if the belief alone, would constitute a person as an ideal candidate to become a psychiatric patient?  I'd imagine other mental symptoms would have to accompany the condition.  I mean, people believe a lot of things, it doesn't necessarily mean that holding an odd belief makes you mentally ill, or does it? Hmmmm


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