So for weeks now, I have items that I am very well aware of where they have been sat down, come up randomly are there just gone, or in another place later. Does this ever happened to you? What are your thoughts?

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Yes. Sometimes it's because I have needed to tidy up quickly, so I have just bundled stuff up and hidden it in random cupboards. It makes the place look really neat but I can't find sod-all for weeks after. When I do its in a really odd place and I wonder what it's doing there.
Yes it is very unnerving to find something where you know you didn't put it. Most times, my family puts it down to me having seizures. LOL I might be epileptic, but I'm not nuts. LOL if it is someone, or something just playing around, I wish they wouldn't. I'm visually impaired, so it's kind of frustrating.

hahaha so true Wilhelm, and it' not such a bad thing.  Add memory loss and you can find new treasures everyday.

Yes. All the time. But then I have these little critters in my house, called "Children" who like to mischievously take things and not put them back ;)

I have often wondered if it's my niece because it usually is things revolving around my son, and she has a fascination with her six-month old cousin. But comma some things, many of them, can't be explained. I'm very specific about where I put things because of being visually impaired I try to remain aware of where I set something down but, when you have a baby screaming for his pacifier, it can be quite nerve-wracking:)

Yes. I tore the house apart trying to find my tarot deck. It was lost for 3 years. 

It is quite distressing, especially when it ends up in a whole other room. I wonder how I can make it stop.

Yep and if I yell loud enough someone puts it back eventually.

sometimes, although they usually turn up in the end

ancient celtic stories say that when something goes missing it's the faery's that took it as a playful joke, because they're playful mischeivious creatures.

Telling them to please give it back seems to work perfectly.


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