Firs, I'd like to point out that religion/faith doesn't have a monopoly on the word belief/believe:

I believe many people will respond with "A belief can't be wrong".

I believe my point will be missed by many posters.

A belief is simply something someone believes to be true.

Faith is belief in the absence of evidence.

Opinion is a view or judgement not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

A belief can be wrong and the definitions of these words is not up for debate.


A belief, also, can not change a fact.

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This place really, really needs a "like" button. :)

There are quite a few beliefs I have, which are not regarding spirituality or religion, which I really would love to get rid off, as they are impacting my life in a not so good way.

However, like it is with beliefs, they can only be replaced with more convincing ones.

I'll let you know, when I find some useful inspiration, if your unwanted beliefs are any similar to mine.

All I can do is jump up and down and say yay!

No, no, no, you're going to stir the pot again, Nick. Everything is acceptable! We should be OPEN minded about peoples' beliefs because they are allowed to BELIEVE and we are not allowed to question such atrocities to science and knowledge!

My motto of life.

Except they also tend to rationalize it by saying judging is wrong. Oh the irony.

People judge based on appearance. People take this as meaning a negative reaction, not so. What I mean is that anthropology will tell you that if you see me in a Denny's outfit with a name tag you're going to assume I work there. Common sense, is this realization.

Of course each of us judge, but what I find so offense and "wrong" about judging is using it to determine the correctness of another's way or life, or their spiritual beliefs. There's no proof for any spiritual belief is there? I'm a big fan of science...don't get me wrong, but do I have the right to determine that your path for you is wrong? That you are going to burn in hell because your path is different than mine? No, I don't think so. I mean I can judge the correctness of your belief, but should I judge your worth as a person because you have a "wrong" belief? That's where my issue with judging comes in. Just sayin...

All that aside, Nick, I don't really get the discussion. For me it's sort of a no-brainer that a belief can be wrong. Isn't that obvious?

Most people on this forum understand you cannot prove your spiritual beliefs are correct, that's the point of posts like this. More often than not the people with said beliefs keep trying to prove it to others, even when science does not say anything about it.

I don't get that either. Folks do argue about religion...and politics. And here we are...stirring the pot with Nick. :-D

It seems the people who scream the loudest about the "Ebbil ebbil Xians persecuting us" are always the first to toss out "But judging is wrong!!! We're not allowed to do that!!!" Somehow, they never quite understand that they're using a Bible verse to dictate pagan actions.

I find the irony endlessly amusing.


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