Ok, so I work at a realtor's office and when I have to look up an agent's email address, I look them up by the first three letters of the first name and the first three letters of the last name.  After doing this a couple times, I came to realize that when you put them together it sounded like a fantacy charactor name.


So what's your fantacy charctor name?



Mine is:  Katmin

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Amacah lol!
Edwbur ... Wow, mine just sounds weird. lets rearrange...Burdew...that's alittle better
Nice, I'm Jenbri lol
LadRhi, sounds like something from a scifi show, "Ladrhi, beam us up" LOL, LR
Julmau - WTF?
Julsea<-- if I use madien
Ryachu..... That sucks.. sounds like more of a pokemon name...
Mine is Katfet!
Mine's Jasmck


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