I can say I've dealt with a lot but in a way I have no regrets, also I have no real control what fate forced me into.

I was born into an occult world which is/was normal to me, but for others it was a fear I did not understand. I never understood peoples fears and I had to learn through interactions this great fear they had. I allowed their fear to overwhelm me, which was amazing and incredible. I at times got addicted to conspiracies, taking in the individuals fear of a world being blown up by one bomb watching their mental movie. I was, like WOW! Could this happen?

I was amazed by peoples fears which in a way created awesome movies. Growing up I started to understand people's religions and how connected we was, just rules was part of life. I don't cross your lines and you don't cross mine, a mutual respect. But there are those who felt the world should be of "One Mind" through force, through death. It was horrible for those who did not comply and many went mad for the fact they had no choice but to live in a world not natural, to them. So time passes people adjusting to the changes.

I remember Christians freaking out with (Mandela Effect) they actually believed the bible was changed. The Lion & The Lamb story, which was always The Wolf. It's just Christians neglected to read the bible, they only went to church hearing the stories, stories told by their pastors who heard the stories from their own pastors. Christians got lazy and the awakened ones knew this. It was a test Christians failed in and others enjoying their failure to see, to truly understand. How horrifying the nightmare they was in, a nightmare of a world they thought was taken from them. The Madness and Illusions they've created for themselves.

Personally, it was pretty disturbing to watch, but you have no choice and laugh at their paranoia. Will they ever be close To God, again. In reality the world has changed and my mind still in the past. I walk cautiously for the fact people are mad nowadays. A sickness people need time to cure. Some may come out of it and others , well you know. It doesn't bother me to live in the future and it doesn't bother me that the past is just the past.

I have adjusted.

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Past and future are one in the same. Opportunities missed are dead branches of the past.

Christian and Pagan, light and dark, Muslim and Jew, I just pass through them all. Nobody cares about me, they just use me, and that’s okay. I just use them and we all gain.

Give and take, past and fate, its all part of this life we experience. Sometimes fate is kind, to some more than others, but we all get what we reap in the end.

Believe what you will. Live by your code. Some may try to force their ways on others. Play along with the show until you have gained the desired.

Nothing is written in stone. We have the “Bandersnatch” prism to follow. Choices are made, and sometimes they appear wrong, but to those who have favor, they are like the cats that always land on their feet.

One thing for sure, we all will face death. Should it be feared or followed? Death is part of life, and is often a blessing, find peace in knowing your time will come.

Enigma, that’s an awesome read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Sloan1, the title is Your Past Your Fate. I think people are not reading the title and just picking what they don’t like, when it’s actually about themselves, about you.

You’ve managed to quote 2 pieces of a whole story instead of adding your own Past & Fate, you had no control over. But no one is actually getting the true nature of this discussion.

Well it’s Thursday.

I’ll just keep this weirdness, who actually thinks this is a psychiatric post. lol

I see past and fate more expansive than my personal past and fate. I think is more related to also ancestors the genealogy tree. I see you have a hispanic name. I am older person and some time ago one of my deceased relatives when still alive ask me : why we have the luck/fate/lifepath we have. I am in EU since college  and read several languages so started looking things up online. When I finally got to spanish which I thought would be the easy bit not so. Not trying to write a wall of text here as I try to keep my posts readable.

You can write a wall of text here, I didn’t put rules on that lol. 


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