AFTER reading in so many discussions,as of late,that "THIS is what a Witch is or what a Pagan is,I am reputting out here this idea,that ONLY YOU can decide and determine for YOU what encompasses being a WITCH,a Pagan,A Magician,A seer,A shaman,ect is for oneself. We ALL read,read,read and get our knowledge from other sources.....but ultimately,I believe we decide for ourselves exactly what and how we define being a WITCH or what one embraces.......Agree,disagree,thoughts,dont know?

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I couldn't accept this notion any more. Reality is relative and we all have to deal with what we have, not what we don't. So, yeah we all operate from our own grasp of what we consider reality - anyone who strays from their own code, who tries to be what is defined in "stone", are decieving themselves, postponing the day when they will make their own choices. I feel that being successful in any (personal) practice requires that you study (yourself) =). I think that with alot of inexperienced witches, they try to emulate the experiences of others(I did myself at one point) so that they can come into similar heights of awareness. It doesn't work that way. you either do it yourself, or you follow on blind faith.

Everyone has their own flavor, spin, or idea on how things work. It will never full conform with an entire "way". If you want one true way of seeing that you can use Christianity. Used to just be one full religion until people were like "oh i see this differently" and created their own part of the religion. I full agree and enjoy furthering and exploring my own path :)

We so,dont we?? I love the variety and hearing how everyone "does it".....

Amen Sister Lass! If we weren't all different and followed what feels right to us, then we'd be Xtians! Hip hip hooray for the unique nature of us all!

THANKS everyone!!!

I have changed,altered aND "IMPROVED" MY PATH ALSO........sorry,hit caps......

I actually feel sorry for thoughs that put a limit on what they are or what they can do, or what they will become by adhearing to this is the way a witch does this or that. The only limits are the ones we set on ourselves is my moto.

I agree..this is why its so good to show others what they are capable of as, they step outside of their comfort zone. In that way, they bring out what is within but hiding just under the surface. So beautiful...

Its good to show myself what I am capable of......always,first. I'm hapy to mentor,help and teach and learn with others too

I totally agree Lass. Only we as individuals can define who and what we are. No one has the right to determine what we call ourselves, what we believe, etc but ourselves. Only I can define who and what I am and what I believe. If I wanted others to decide for me I would've stayed with the Catholic Church! lol.


hope I explained it right. Things always sound better in my head and I can't always write it out.

I think what you are saying has been hashed, and rehashed over and over. Yet there are those who like to label, and discriminate. What is right for one is not right for another. It all depends upon their beliefs and practices. You have several in here who like to "control" the conversations, make you feel incorrect about that which you believe; to a point of insecurity. Brazen to a point. One must look above that immaturity and continue to be strong in their convictions. We, as a whole, are related by that which we follow, but in this we are all separate in our own beliefs. Individuality, and this I am grateful for.

OBVIOUSLY,as many times,as we have discussed it here on Pagan Space,it keeps coming up,so i see it as an issue,sometimes,som,eone whi may npt have figured it out the first 10 discusions,finally may?? Who knows......


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