So I read in a book once

 return evil for good

At the time I did not understand it but now I do and as such I live my life by this but what are some of your opinions on this.

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If you return evil with good you can, and I have personal experience of this, be taken for a fool and end up having yet more harm done to you.

I blame myself for some of it I should have acted faster and with finality.  Instead I chose to be amused and to see the other person's point of view, that was a very big mistake.  Now I toy with the idea of payback but still pull myself back from the brink because I don't want to hurt anyone and because I don't want to hurt myself and hurting someone would hurt!

Ditherer!  And that never works.  So no never repay evil with good, slap the bastards down up front, in their face and so their balls shrivel to raisins.  No warnings, no fucking about.  

Deliberately hurting someone is never, ever a game.  If you find it happening to you or even to those you don't know and will never meet, stamp on it leaving no possibility of misunderstanding.


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