This is what everyone says and im just do you guys that were ex christians let go of these preconceptions? this is my biggest problem letting go of was pounded into my head for the past 18 years. any advice would be appreciated. thank you. :)

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I just accept it.  If i go to hell, ima gonna take some other effers with me.  And hello satan, line up the shots.  Just sayin.
The Christian concept of "going to hell" it to be completely removed from Jesus's presence. Well, sure we may go to what Christians consider hell (completely removed from Jesus's presence), but since we follow different deity, it doesn't really matter. Does it? They limit themselves to see Jesus as the one and only, and everything else is probably the work of Satan. Well, since we don't see it the same way, then "hell" looks like a pretty good place. Sure, Jesus won't be there, but all of OUR Gods and Goddesses will, so we're all good.
That only goes for if you choose to believe the concept of going to a place far-removed from Jesus's acknowledgment. I, for one, don't. But it's a handy thing to keep in mind when being told "You're going to hell!" I just doubt that hell is "fire and brimstone" where you "gnash your teeth" all day. Just seems like it would get annoying, if anything. But being removed from the presence of a deity I don't follow? Big whoop. I'll stick with my Goddess and God, thank you very much!
even "fire and brimstone" would be better than "following 1 diety and doing the same thing every day for eternity" im tyrying to knock it out of my head totally
Definitely. Hmm, reminds me of this guy's reasoning behind why "heaven is a scary prospect,"
i agree with everything this guy says haha
Trying to knock it out of your head totally could take a little while. At least it did for me, but I did get over it.

My thing is if you're gonna let go of Christianity, you should let go of a lot of it. Many times I've seen pagans who are flamboyantly anti-Christian, yet fall into what I observe to be the same trappings. Instead of hell and Satan they replaced these things with the rede, 3 fold law, and karma. All things to be afraid of. They rally up in fear of Satanism/Satanists, and have a huge stance against it. They also tend to romanticized historically malevolent figures such as Lilith into something that is neutered down to the point its "socially acceptable" by them and Christians, part of this is an attempt to harmonize with what Christians deem "socially acceptable".


In my own opinion if you are to get rid of all of these notions you must break the taboos of New Age white lighters and Christians. You must have sex in the way you deem fit. You must do what you want, such as drink. You must break down these ideas to realize they aren't as bad for you as you thought they were. You must change the way you think. It starts from the inside first, with thought and emotion. It elevates to action. 

the "hell thing" is all i really have left to let go of.

What do you think specifically would make you go to hell Jake?


If you let go of God why can't you let go of hell?


If you still believe in God why not ask him for his opinion?

of course even if there is a hell it would be better than that heaven haha
That's how I feel, sadly. The monotheistic goddess is almost the same as the monotheistic god and its the same trap. Swapping out aesthetics simply won't change the idea.
yeah, I gotta be with you on that one. That's the major mistake people make when they're all like, I wanna be Pagan now! It seems to be missing the point with no real change in thinking or perspective in the format of personal beliefs.


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