The High Pagan Council, now known as Paganus Terram Inter-Faith Council on Facebook. A review by SIN JONES.

As some of you may or may not be aware of, the group owner came to to spam their group, its mission statement, and extend invitations to pagans the world over to join the group's cause.

Upon joining the facebook group, what you experienced however was a different ball of wax. The topic was deleted from the paganspace site, so that the group owner could cover her tracks.

This, topic was created for pagans against the HPC.

Why? The group has another agenda.

1. To oppose any form of paganism that does not fit their personal definitions (Group Admin)

2. To propagate anti-Christian jargon, more specifically anything related to DC40 and Joel's Army.

3. To cover their tracks when any person points out their apparent hypocrisy.

Any member that asked hard questions was banned.

Any member that did not fit their mold was harassed.

The below pod-casts represent part 1 and part 2 of my review of the group.

I was banned today, and all of the screen captures as to WHY are available for your perusal in the Open Pagan Councilgroup on Facebook.

The admins of the group, are the primary offenders. A handful of supporters are just as guilty of the offenses but may be painfully unaware of the larger picture.

The group description and guidelines change continuously to mask their agenda. Two changes today alone since the new group was created. The guidelines were created by a new admin on 9/21 and have changed twice today to reflect changes she felt was needed based on my presence in the group.

When an current presents itself, you must ask yourself:

Do I go with the flow?

Swim against the current?

Attempt to neutralize it?

Stifling freedom of speech and practicing Internet censorship is a questionable practice.

What do these 'pagans' have to hide? Why is their group 'closed' to the public?

Why does the group owner continue to state one thing but do another? Why does she continue to plagiarize the works of others?

My review is a negative. You are certainly free to join this group and form your own opinion about them. In fact I encourage you to do so, my review simply serves as a warning to any person seeking a group for learning, critical thinking and a positive experience. This group is not it. It's a scam as well as a sham.

My podcast part 1 and 2, is available for your perusal and comments.

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THANKS for the TRUE REVIEW!! This group should be banned as it represents THEIR agenda ,period and does NOT speak for manmy,many Pagans.I am a banned,deleted and barred XMEMBER too......
VOTING......LOL.MY FAV is CRYSTAL DAWN said ,no vote,THE GODDESS told me to Keep the name.....and POOF she has vanished.a wishy,washy,make believe that "WE have an authority" bunch of pretenders.....clearly.....
The topic of compensating status/success/etc in the 'Real World' with religiosity/spirituality comes to mind.
Thank you for posting this.
Excuse me for being just a little too cynical...or is it just stating the obvious?  It may be that Crystal Dawn did disappear today from the list where she was an admin.  Here's betting that she handed over the admin reins to another name-incarnation of herself.  If one name is a lightening rod, why wouldn't she/he just pick another and maintain control?  Do we actually know the gender, or is it assumed?
Thanks for posting this Sin... It was pretty easy to spot what this was about.. a power trip.
I guess then I will be OUTCATED by the PAGAN COMMUNITY....Go for it..........SEE how far that goes for you......KISS my SCottish ass asshole. I will ALWAYS stand up to LIARS and USERS like the WHOLE PAGAN COUNCIL bullshit.
LOL outcast,not outcatted,but that works too.sure is creepy and weird SIN.....SO glad you are exposing this "CULT" I see it ass such
SO they BANNED him now>? LOL

I've made statements concerning this group elsewhere, but there is something I would like to say here and now...


Damien, you may lead your own pseudo-clan, but you do NOT speak for the fuckin' wolves. You may be among pagans, but you do NOT speak for pagans. EITHER of those groups would chew you up and spit you out for making that claim. My issues with the HPC crowd aside, it pisses me off that you'd pull a "I know whats best because I'm uber coolz" stunt as a WOLF. Tell you what. I speak for every independent lone wolf in this state, and quite a few of the packs, when I say stay the hell out of my territory and mind your own damn business. If you can manage that, then it's all gravy, you can keep playing your little princely game.


And I really do hope he reads this. I really, really do.

Chewing and spitting out? Count me in......
THANKS for the update SIN!!! Checking the news......


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