I didn't even know about this film, my son told me I just 'had to see it', and he says to me and I quote:  "I have a new-found respect for Christianity because of this film". 


Set during the time of the first outbreak of bubonic plague in England, a young monk is tasked with learning the truth about reports of people being brought back to life in a small village.




SIN's Review:


"Did you watch it, what did ya think Mom?"


What I think, is its just a hollywood production which accurately captures the sensationalized imaginations of people looking for answers and the cause of the plague.  If you have thousands of people dropping dead around you, and it looks like the end of the world, it really puts your faith to the test, doesn't it?


The Christians believed their God was punishing them for sins, or even perhaps brought on by royalty under the divine appointment of God.  They are looking to their clergymen for answers, to which they reply: pray.


Some look for 'signs', and what they should do, so Pareidolia is going to show them just that.  And so an army of hysterics go off into the wilderness in search of demons and necromancers.  The film portrays events as if historically actual witches and necromancers were found, tortured and killed.  The burnings were a result of superstitious paranoia gone hysterical.  Villages killing their own, people infected with social memes that caused the wholesale death of innocent people. 


My son is 15, and still impressionable.  He's saying to himself, thank goodness for those Christians who saved the day from the evil witch causing all that harm!  I question his conclusions, and I focus on the magic aspect (knowing his personal thoughts on magic). 


Mom:  "Are you aware that this hollywood production is just sensationalizing the claims from historical events?  Do you believe that these 'crusaders' found demons?  Killed witches responsible for the plague?"


Son:  "There's no such thing as witches or magic."


Mom:  "If there's no such thing as witches or magic, what did these crusaders save people from?"


Son:  "Right, it's just a movie."


Mom:  "Then, your initial phrase:  I have a new found respect for Christianity. Is based on what exactly?  A movie?"


Son:  "Well those men were trapped by that witch, tortured to renounce their faith, and then killed many of those men."


Mom:  "Did you forget that this village was remote, the plague had not yet reached it and this is the reason it was unaffected?  That these men showed up to do them harm, looking for witches, demons and necromancers?  Were they to just sit back and allow these madmen to kill their own?"


Son:  "No, but all that torture was unnecessary."


Mom:  "Was it?  Did anything the woman say have any validity to it?  Was this faith, for 13 centuries bringing peace, prosperity, and joy through God?  Or was it responsible for oppression, subjugation, and death?  Consider the time period."


Son:  "True.  I just like the crusaders, they are bad ass."


Mom:  "Bad ass, because they kill innocent people or because they use swords to enact power through blood?"


Son:  "Well when you put it like that, it sounds shitty."


Mom:  "It is pretty shitty son."


Son:  "You are just saying that because you claim to be a Witch."


Mom:  "Would it make any difference if I claimed to be a Christian?"


Son:  "You wouldn't say that if you were Christian."


Mom:  "I study the Bible, I know it better than most. I can certainly demonstrate through the teachings of this religion that killing in the name of God, is heresy."


Son:  "The Crusaders were heretics?"


Mom:  "According to God's laws, they are."


Son:  "Such as?"


Mom:  "Just take a look at the 10 commandments as one example, and quoted in the film.  THOU SHALT NOT KILL.  Why would killing in God's name be an exception?"


Son:  "But what if there were evil forces, would God's people be expected to defend the kingdom against these forces?"


Mom:  "What kingdom?"


Son:  "The kingdom of God."


Mom:  "Where is it?"


Son:  "In a castle in that place over there in the Middle East."


Mom:  "Oh yeah?  Why does God need a castle?  Why would he pick only one place to call his kingdom?  The kingdom of God is within, all of mankind hold the keys to the kingdom."


Son:  "That makes better sense, then why do people keep pointing over there?"


Mom:  "Cultural indoctrination, programming, influence, peer pressure, etc. thousands of years worth, sometimes its hard to kick the habit."


Son:  "What like smoking?"


Mom:  "Exactly like smoking."


Son:  "You still smoke."


Mom:  "And people still believe the kingdom of God is some castle on a dirt map."


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Did your son already read The Plague by Albert Camus?

because with Camus, he could say:

"I have a new-found respect for Christianity humanity because of this film book".

LOL I still smoke too. XD


Good thoughts SIN. When I played Assassin's Creed, you play in the mid east, the city of Damascus. The game tries to be somewhat historically accurate, I assume then the main character is a Muslim, which at the time they were very progressive with technology compared to Christians. They had Crusaders who would attack you in the name of God. Needless to say everytime I saw one I killed one and told them to GTFO the Middle East. :D

i would have to say, you have taught your son a very fine lesson on christianity, people use the bible as a treasure map meanwhile the kingdom is within yourself, he probably liked the killing though, every boy always likes the killing, it's in our metaphorical blood.

You have,once again, brought a smile to my face. I love reading your posts . You are always informative, amusing and thought provoking...Thanks .


Myself and two other people were talking about this movie during our monthly get together.........I never heard of it until that night.......I am curious about it (the movie) and want to see it now...


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