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This book is amazing. It reminded me that Neil Gaiman is not only a genius, but the master.

Shadow is the main character in the story. When the book starts off, Shadow is doing the last few days of his 6 year sentence, in which he would be serving 3, for almost beating to death 3 men where he acted as the getaway driver in a robbery. Before I get any further into this review, let me say that Shadow is so well written, and I really connected with him. I found myself in a whirlwind of emotions, but I definitely was falling in love with him as a character.

Shadow’s life, however isn’t without complications. A few days before he is to be released Shadow unexpectedly gets called to the warden’s office. He tells him he is going home early, Laura, his wife, his everything, died in a car accident. The journey home is where Shadow’s life changes.

When Mr. Wednesday, a strange and pale man Shadow meets on the plane ride home back to Eagle Point, and to Laura’s funeral, approaches him about working for him, Shadow refuses. He has a job waiting back for him in Eagle Point, as a trainer at the gym he worked for before he got locked up.

Or so Shadow thinks.

When he finds out his employer and best friend was killed with Laura in the car accident, he reluctantly agrees to be Mr. Wednesday’s body guard, muscle, errand boy, driver, and whatever else, for a fee of $1,000 a week, a fee which Shadow picked.

Shadow’s journey is incredible and heartbreaking, and the sheer strength that he possesses through a dead and adulteress wife, secrets about his own family, encounters with Gods long forgotten and living like pauper humans, new gods that roam the world revered, and the war of ages, Shadow always remains Shadow.

This book left me screaming for a sequel, and not Ananasi Boys whose storyline is based off of one of the characters. I want more about Shadow.

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Great book...


I have been a fan of Neil's since I collected Sandman comics ,

way back when...his unique insight , writing style , and his

character development , create worlds I resonate with , and

would as well love a sequel to American Gods...


Nice to see this Kelly...great review...;)

Thank you, Shawn!


Glad to see another Gaiman fan. :) He is my favorite author right beside Chuck Palahniuk. 

That book IS great!

I like how Neil portrayed Odin as Mr Wednesday!:D

matter of fact its on my reread list for this winter.

Listen to it , Amergin ?


What !?


Don't you read ?


Or are you one of the new breed ,

who can't be bothered to hold a real

book , and actually read ?


Gods , I HATE books on tape...;)

I love this book. One of my all time favorites! I'm a fan of all of Gaiman's work I've encountered. I agree a sequel would be nice. I'm curious what direction he would take Shadow.

I've also seen rumors that HBO (?) has decided to make a series of the book. I believe I saw that reported on the Wild Hunt Blog. Anyone know?


Interesting , Amergin...


I have always seen that as second hand information ,

and it makes my skin crawl , to have a book read to me...


Same with sports , or anything else...


If it is not first hand , full participation , it is not for me...


Yet , perhaps this is for another thread ?


( keeping this for Kelly's intent )

I liked the book a lot because Gaiman is such an outstanding author. However from the Heathen POV, just looking at how he made the gods, I was not _that_ thrilled.

'Good Omens' by Gaiman and Pratchett is a book I can wholeheartedly recommend to you if you liked AG.


That being said, normally I can't even be bothered with most novels which are not in the league of classics by e.g. Zweig or Kafka.


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