Magick  , the “occult”, and witchcraft links: just a few, please add -


Magnus Magazine – has a really slick homepage… informed and credible occult research -


Emergent Culture is a great reference for mythology. In the “Know Your World “ section, section you will learn about the social-cultural dynamics that create all of the artificial inequities you see in the US and abroad. You will learn about the dark underbelly of Western history. Learn about your culture and help reform its injurious ways.


Hermetneuticon – an excellent and thorough reference for Hermetic references and references relating to the writings of Aleister Crowley


Lecture by Manly Hall concerning Magnetic Fields of the Human Body –

Biomagnetism in it’s infancy. Do you think that the body’s electro-magnetic field could account for “magickal” phenomenon?

*Check out the other videos at this channel – the titles include: astrology, the chakras, the Tree of Life and Kabbala, alchemy, meditation. If you subscribe then other channels of interest also pop up.

(I recommend Terrence McKenna)

College Wicca Links has sections including: Basics, Neo-Pagan Authors (serious ones), and a really extensive list of links to websites. The Forum is now defunked, but the other webpages are apparently maintained:

Links from College Wicca


Witches’ Vox – neopagan info resource


The infamous “Twinkie Pagan ” essay 1996 –


Occult and Spells Forum – categories of every type of Spell –

I haven’t used them, and would appreciate a review.

Caveat: I posted the “Twinkie” essay prior to this link on purpose – its’ purpose is to make you think! Are you a Twink??


I have links to sites about Chemicals, and Plants on my blog …

Please feel free to add “credible” resources and links




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