Requesting a review for: The Zohar Code - The Temple Calendar of King Solomon

Greetings & Merry Meet!

We are interested in receiving feedback on our current paper:  The Zohar Code: The Temple Calendar of King Solomon.  

Those with an interest in the Hebrew and Canaanite Goddesses of Elat & Asherah should enjoy this one, as it is yet more evidence that Asherah was the wife of Yahweh.

This paper will also interest advanced students of Kabbalah who are interested in the forerunner of the Tree of Life; the Seven Palaces of the Merkabah Mystics.

If you review the paper we should be very much obliged if you could also leave a copy on our amazon page here.   Thanks!  

May the light of L.V.X. grace all your temple places.

 - Ashe & Ashe.

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