Okay. Ive had this movie for years and just recently rewatched it. It is an interesting title. And where the title may lead you to think its strictly about the practice of Santeria, its not exactly all its about. Little Ricky has begun to see visions of what is believed to be the Virgin Mary. And at this time there is a rash of sightings of the Virgin, drawing crowds of the devoted to the boy, further influencing his trances, he is being possessed until he cannot move, staring into the trees, space where many believe he sees the Virgin. His family is split by this development. His mother and her side of the family trust heavily in Santeria and mexican folk practices, while his father is leary, probally because there is also manic behavior associated with her side of the family, in particular a cousin, Sara who also saw the visions of Mary. But with a sinister twist. Sara is on medication to control her visions. Because she, influenced by family, believes they are not all the Virgin. They are demonic in nature, taking on the veil of the Virgin to confuse and awe the devoted. A trickster. Hmmmmmm. Though many of the devoted family believe it IS the virgin and try to keep Sara from Ricky, who only wants to protect the child, because she can see the real evil behind the miraculous visions. The movie moves on, Sara stops her meds, and begins to be plagued by the demons. She prays to Mary for help, and sees she must save Ricky from the entity masquerading as the Virgin, the devotional public, the story hungry televangelists. She tries, unsuccessfully, though getting him away, the demon being follows her to her house where she is hiding Ricky. It stalks them both, unknown to the town people outside her house. It wants her out of the way, and wants Ricky to take the place of her own martyred son. They find her cousin traumatized after seeing Sara slain at the hands of the psuedo Mary and Ricky vanished.
This movie at first seems a little cheesy, its cheaply made and the acting isnt perfect, but the story drew me in. I enjoyed the little tidbits of mexican folk lore and practice. It also ties in Mayan history, and hints at the Virgin moniker being Mayan in origin. Which is very interesting. I especially enjoyed the detail of the Virgin spector, with face changing into skeletal dimensions and the rapt faces of Ricky and the devoted. The mention of the smell of roses, the connections between possible demon/other spirits imitating the Virgin was entriguing. All in all, a good movie. I probally left out bunches of stuff, but i dont do reviews often, sorry! 3 stars!

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Oh and i dont know WTF is up with the pentagram on her head, shock value i suppose.
I was the same way, thought it was horribly cheesy the first go round then this time i enjoyed it.  I like the part where they break open the egg.


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