I saw this when it came out in theatres. I saw the Steampunky trailers and hot chicks with guns and samurai golems and thought...YEAH!

*waves hand in front of you in a jedi gesture*

Forget all that. That is not the movie this is. And you will be grateful for it.

This is a movie that belongs on your shelf next to DVD's like the Usual Suspects, Memento, 9, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Fight Club and the Matrix quadrilogy. The books Dune and Stranger in a Strange Land should be somewhere near by, as well as your copies of V for Vendatta, Watchmen, House of Leaves, and so on.

Yeah it's that good. And if at first you don't think it is and put it in your guilty pleasures area (next to Starship Troopers and The first Star Trek), consider this...



Consider this movie a kind of Fight Club for women. (and that is over simplifying the complexity and doing it an injustice) It's done differently, a bit more Matrix-y and much more in the style of a comic book....BUUUUUUUUUUUT...


The movie covers the same themes of identity, perspectives of reality, and so on.  The difference between the two is while Fight Club is male oriented and done from an interiorized style of description, Suckerpunch does it well with eyecandy. The dance sequences are something that anyone who has done astral or semi-kaballic pathworking will recognize right away as familiar in the way they move


So if you're a woman who didn't like Fight Club, watch Suckerpunch and then go back and watch FightClub without a man in the room, and strip out the genderizations.


If you're a guy who doesn't like "grrl" movies, do the same.


I'll write a more in depth commentary about how you can apply some interesting observations that apply to the notions of right-hand and left-hand path and why some feel the need to force a set of genitals on a way of thinking.


Fight Club's question is "Who Am I", and gets answered by figuring out "What do I want?"

Suckerpunch's question is "What do I want" and gets answered by "Who Am I?"


Nuff said. Grab your cuddle buddy and your popcorn.




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I want to see this.  Then dye my hair blonde and kick ass, take names.
I watched this movie two days ago, and my mind was blown...like literally! The girls were hot and the plot was fantastic, but the meaning was much more than I would have thought! I actually want to cut my hair like rocket! Not gonna lie!

I wanted to punch the main characters face all the time very urgently, with my fucking fist or with an iron skillet, I did not care.


But I can relate to fight club. I am not much of a dancy dance person.

Marie, I agree with you and I don't.


The BabyDoll was way too pristine and angelic, as was her character, but then so was her character and concept, if youthink about it.  She was an "angel" of a kind, and her "creation" is not only perfectly outlined as too why/how they come about, but also how people can't separate themselves from them and the reasons why.


Besides, as the hints throughout the movie suggest, and the end makes clear...she wasn't really the main character:D


I saw that movie and I don't like it.  It's like the director couldn't make up his mind what sort of movie he wanted it to be.  True, the action scenes were good, but that's about it.  And what's worse was that it was all going on in some chick's head, except the scenes in the mental hospital.  It just like a waste of time to make all those scenes for such a tame situation.
This is one of the most creative movies I have seen in a long time.  I loved it.
Yes I had to quit around 15 minutes before the end because it made me so aggressive. Later I read the director said it was a satire, making fun of geek fantasies, but that is like Rammstein releasing another sexist, violent, degrading song and then lying about it by saying it is a socio-critical experiment. pffft. Hypocrisy, yes, but it is not something new exactly.
i'll go check it out. thanks for the review.

bad ass movie loved every second of it


hell i boaiught the crazy bunny shit.



I can't wait to see it.. ^^


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