The Action Bible is a full-color graphic novel of the Old and New Testament.  It is drawn by Sergio Cariello (who also worked for both Marvel and DC comics).  The art is fantastic, the story is awesome, and it's an all around great book.


The Action Bible takes all the stories from the Bible and puts them in a format that is not only easy to understand, but fun to read.  I've read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and parts of it were difficult to wade through.  This is NOT written in KJV speak or any other archaic form of language, it is written in every-day modern speak but still retains the integrity of biblical teachings.  I can't recommend it enough, I truly love it!


I bought it at Wal-mart for $19.99 but the actual book price is $24.99.  It is 750 pages, full color, and completely awesome, well worth the price.  If you are like me and you love comic books and love the Bible, this is the best of both worlds. :)


Here are some pictures of it that I took with my phone to give you an idea of the art style.


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Rob - would you consider this book appropriate for a 12 yr. old boy?  Your review does mention that it is 'Good for Kids', and I would to get something for my son to help him be at least passingly familiar with the major Bible stories, but not all comics are for kids!  (Heavy Metal magazine <does that even still exist?> comes to mind!)  For that matter, not all biblical stories are all that kid friendly! - especially if illustrated!  I look forward to your thoughts.

There is another "comic" bible that I really want to get my hands on.  I think it was the guys that penned sin city  did it, but it is not child friendly at all.  I'll be checking to see if my local wally world has this. Thanks for the review.
I will accept that this means something to you.  It was absolutely worth a look-see.  I appreciate the pics and the review.  I will not accept that it it non-violent.  If the old testament is represented, it can't be non-violent.

Hey, thanks for sharing this. I have always wanted to read the bible without getting bored of it. I feel their is allot I could learn from it.


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