Western thinking believes in the ownership of land, while the people are owned by time.  Indigenous cultures believe that the land owns them, but they own time.                 ~Alberto Villoldo, PhD


The sacred space is a timeless place -- it empowers us to go back to before conception and rewrite our code; we can erase illness in this way -- for ourselves and others.  What a beautiful concept -- to be able to control time; to many indigenous people, this is just a way of life.

Likewise, in the western cultures, the calendars are largely 'religious-based' while the calendars of indigenous people are 'astronomically-based'.

Alberto makes it clear that the earth is undergoing a great deal of change, and that this is an altogether challenging (but also beautiful) time.  But we have a choice -- to become part of the dream, or wrapped up in the nightmare.  Millions of years ago the atmosphere of earth was poison - predominantly carbon dioxide.  The earth swallowed this poison and made space for oxygen to create life.  The poison was stored in the earth as oil and is now being released back into the environment.  This is just one manifestation of the change that is happening.  All in all, this is a time of great upheaval -- a harvesting of souls. We all chose to be here for this, as well!

I choose to dream.

According to Alberto, indigenous folks do not see a difference between dying of a bacterial infection or being devoured by a jaguar; they both indicate that the person has not developed a 'right relationship' with the bacteria or the jaguar. Until you have developed a 'right relationship' with the things around us, we are fighting nature; we become part of the food chain.

Part of the prophecy speaks of a black hole opening up in the sky (xibalba) from which divine, transformational knowledge is being transmitted. This happens every 26,000 years -- and it is happening right now. The black hole has recently been documented.  The transformational knowledge is riding down to us on the rays of the sun -- increasingly, in fact, as the suns rays penetrate our atmosphere more each day.  So much so that the magnetic fields are being affected. The knowledge that is being transmitted is like a download for a new type of human being that is emerging.  With this new human being will come the end of time. Not destruction of earth.  But rather, an end to the concept of time that has reigned supreme is western culture.  People will increasingly learn to control time, and thereby be empowered to heal and mold a proper future. The traditionally masculine focus of western culture is melting away, enabling a balance of masculine and feminine energy, as well.

Ultimately, as a new human, we will step outside of time and do the 'dance of infinity'.  Alberto explaines the concept of the 8th and 9th chakras (in many cultures there are only 7); as he explaines it, the 8th exists above our heads and the 9th is spirit.  The 8th chakra exists outside of time, but manifests in time -- thereby empowering us to control time, literally re-writing our destiny by going back in time to remove illnesses that have become a regular part of our luminous energy fields.  Generally speaking, anything that doesn't go away in a short period of time is part of our luminous field and probably requires healing.  And since every cell of our bodies are replaced every 8 months, the primary thing that prevents healing are the blockages in our energy fields.

As new human beings, information will play less of a role; and knowledge will play more of a role.  The difference between the two are implementation and process.

It is time to clear out all of the old agendas and embrace the new blueprint. Together we can dream the world into a magical place -- a place of balance, awareness and healing.

Alberto Villoldo, PhD trained as a psychologist and medical anthropologist, Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. began his research in the Amazon, working with medicine people who had mastered "the journey beyond death." His investigations led him to the high mountains of the Andes and the Inka medicine people, where he discovered a group of healers who specialized in treating illness before it manifested in the physical body. They worked not in the physical body itself, but on the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) surrounding it.

In 1984, Dr. Villoldo founded the Four Winds Society to bring the teachings of these master healers to the West. The Four Winds Society is preserving a thousand year old tradition of knowledge to achieve personal and planetary healing. Prior to founding The Four Winds Society, Dr. Villoldo founded and directed the Bio-Self Regulation Laboratory at San Francisco State University, investigating the effects of energy healing on blood and brain chemistry. Dr. Villoldo also founded The Sanctuary Project, which provides support and shelter to indigenous master healers as they descend from the Andes to live in Peruvian cities.

Dr. Villoldo's books include: Mending the Past, Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval (2005); Shaman, Healer, Sage (2000); The First Story Ever Told (with E. Jendresen, 1996); Island of the Sun (with E. Jendresen, 1994); Dance of the Four Winds, Secrets of the Inca Medicine wheel (with E. Jendresen, 1994); Healing States (with Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., 1985); Millenium, Glimpse into the 21st Century (1980); The Multi-Cultural Developmental Inventory and Guide to Early Education (1978); and The Realms of Healing (with Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., 1976).



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At one time, I studied under an 'Urban' Medicine man....He spoke of a difference of this kind. He spoke of moving through time as if it were space.


...I get it now.


However, now the challenge is to break my preconceived notions and learned behaviors and blockages and to not only understand this.  The challenge, now, is to BE it.

Definitely food for thought.

Thank you, Lady Moonheart.

Yes, forgiveness is essential.  Unfortunately, it is often the thing people have the most trouble achieving.

I agree; to walk around with bitterness is not a good choice and one that damages YOU and not the ones you don't forgive, in the end. Being able to forgive is a very liberating thing.

Time is only important for working and partitioning the day and night ,sos we can share the time and get paid for the time sos we can live and buy food etc .

But me being old now time isnt important at all ,as Kelvin says the time just flys by if you dont watch the clock ,if you are concentrating on something of interest to you .

Sometimes during the year say autumn you maybe out in the garden busy and suddenly you say wow its getting dark ...as you didnt notice the time only the darkness as you were too busy .

thats me every day i wake when i want ,eat when i want, sleep when i want ,not by the clock ,but by my time and rythm  ...Kath ~~

One can choose that at any age... it really is simple!


At about 17 I looked at society, looked at what it offered, saw nothing of interest except the idea of retirement. So I 'retired' right then and there. Ever since it has seemed inexplicable that more people don't just do that. 

I know exactly what you are saying, Draig.  I walked away from a very successful practice to support my son's cello career.  Everyone thought I was crazy.  They could not believe I wanted to retire so young.  Retire?  Heck, I am more busy now then I ever was with my practice.  But I get to pick and choose what I put my time into, instead of having to punch a time clock.  Looking back, I wonder what took me so long to get this concept.  You are lucky you "GOT" it at 17.

For the main part, the whole of society is telling people otherwise. It is not easy to see past that. I was lucky to have my own fey vision and doubly lucky that I was able to hold onto it. Well meaning family and friends did their best to take it away, not knowing what they were doing.


That choice at 17 was but a beginning. It was a doorway to the spirit world and all the experiences that followed. 


Over the years I have met many enthusiastic young people who manifest some native sensitivity. And bit by bit I watched most of them be slowly pulled back into the social gravity well due to having a foot on both sides of the doorway. So now I teach those interested to learn that if they want to reach the point where they cannot be pulled in by that social tether, they have to step fully across the threshold.


I am looking forward to sitting in the field under the full moon. Even now at midday, Her song is quietly reverberating in the air...

To Draconics, time itself is irrelevant. Mind you, only on the physical plane does time truly exist. On the other planes of existence time and space do not really exist (if you wish to be somewhere, you just think it and you're there; time is completely irrelevant in other planes). As for "owning land" (what a joke in my mind), arguing over who "owns" land is like 2 fleas arguing over who owns the dog they are on. This land will be here long after any of us will ever be. So the best way to put it is "we are renting the land we live on".

Time is essentially a hypothetical construct.  It can be controlled for but it cannot be controlled.  Actually, to step into sacred space is to step out of time (or, more acurately, that phenominon the word "time" is intended designate).  It is also to step our of yourself - or what you take to be yourself.  Sacred space is both timeless and selfless.  It is eternal.  There are no controlling interests.  Nothing to control.  The issue is moot. 

I think you may be talking about two things at once.  But, then maybe I am just dense.  Nothing new there.


Whatever - this could be a fascinating discussion.


I love this discussion...i remember the old hippy days when we all took acid...and suddenly were telling each other ..."hey...its all the time....all the time!"...then i learned,  many years later,  to walk in two worlds at the same time only to find...it really is all the time all the time!...in the spirit world...everything that was is and ever will be exist together...sometimes i go into deep meditation and come back to find the sun 40 or more degrees from where i left it...and it takes a while to remember how to talk.....laughter...in the spirit world we talk in pictures...rarely in words...i remember one time...hilarious....i got back and started to project images to my partner of the time...then realized i was back in this world and she could receive them...took half an hour to get words to work again...i still laugh when i think of that day!...Sir Alfgar...the Strange

"2012 and beyond'; it's going to be an interesting journey, I have chosen to implement a change in my self that that is a response too an "inner drive" and it is not necessarily associated with the 2012 phenomenum.

This response is the expected effect of the 2012 phenomenum! There is a saying that goes "order is only a specific form of chaos" I think I've just had a realization!


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