The Mayan Wheel Crop Circle : Silbury Hill, Wiltshire 2-3 August 2004

The year 2012 and the Mayan Prophecy of the shift of the ages is symbolized with the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar in 2012 by the masters of celestial knowledge, time keepers of ancient times, The Mayans, who had deep knowledge and understanding of the natural cycles of time in which life evolves ... This knowledge is coming back to us now, in the form of Sacred Art in the fields we know as Crop Circles, nudging us to awaken to the spiritual transformation underway ... here and now !



The 2012 Mayan Crop Circle : Wayland's Smithy, Oxfordshire 9th August 2005



Another 2012 Mayan Crop Circle : Woolstone Hill, Oxfordshire 13th August 2005



Quetzalcotal Mayan Headdress 2012 Crop Circle:  Silbury Hill 5th July 2009



The Mayan Connection is short video by Jaime Maussan,Mexico's leading Ufologist about the amazing messages encoded in the Crop Circle formations in recent years which a have a strong Mayan signature to it and all pointing towards a time period from now to 2012 when Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan, the Feathered Serpent will return ... the crop circles encode Maya symbolism to represent the date of the solar zenith conjunction of Venus and Pleiades on May 20, 2012 and the Venus transit (June 6, 2012).

Jaime Maussan at the 16th Annual International UFO Congress giving the interpretation of the Crop Circles and the 2012, Mayan Symbolism ...

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Light orbs forming a crop circle.  This is amazing as you can see the crop circle actually forming under the ords.  I will leave you to your own conclusions as to what these orbs of light are and where they are coming from.  But they are sending vital information to those of us aware enough to pay close attention.


Ocean just sent this to me, so I had to share.  It fits in here so nicely.  It really made me smile.

Crop circles are a very interesting phenomenon and are still being researched by several scientists. However, if you can get to one right after it is formed they are highly charged with electro-magnetic energy, much like a vortex or ley line.  Because of this quality, many people have feelings of standing on sacred ground and have had profound spiritual experiences or visions.  Great places to meditate or vision quest. The circles are forming all over the planet and have increased in frequency since the Harmonic Convergence.  It seems as though thousands that weekend sent out a signal to the Universe and it is answering us back in very complex messages formed in circles.  I personally am not as concerned of the how's and why's, as I am about the actual messages themselves.    

And yes, Dee, some information about crop circles does appear in the movie you mentioned.  Great finds on these videos, my sister in spirit.  Thanks for adding them to the collection here.  The other date is June 6th 2012.  He does not mention what is going to happen because no one know's yet other than it will be a window of opportunity upon the planet.  How one uses that is entirely up to the individual.  I am having Ocean check into the astrology of these two dates for us to see what the heavens are saying about them.

PLEASE - Go Here


Crop Circles Linked To Astrological Signs !
Thank You !!

well if you go here: watch all the vids and he mentions about the crop circles that seem to be connected to the flower of life and other mathematical references. He mentions about helpful aliens trying to give us a clue.


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