The Harmonic Convergence

I, José Argüelles, called the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987 to bring awareness to 2012 and the coming earth changes.

In service to the Earth, Spectral Moon 23, Kin 136, Third Year of Prophecy




Harmonic Convergence and 2012

Harmonic Convergence earth 
Harmonic Convergence


Meditation of Universal Peace - held August 16-17, 1987. This event, which at dawn on Aug. 16 was to collect at least 144,000 people, there was much talk in the media throughout the world, especially in the United States. First of all, it was necessary to bring people into the holy places of the planet, among which included the following:  the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Lake Baikal in Siberia, rock Aires (Ayres Rock) in Australia; Glastonbury in England, Machu Picchu in Peru, Mount Heleakala in Hawaii, and Mount Shasta in the United States. According to reports from these and other places, the participants gathered far more than the required 144,000 - so this event has become a unique global event of this kind. As one of the main organizers of this event Jim Berenholts writes, "Never before have we heard that people from different cultures and religious beliefs, have come together to create a prayer for peace ... This was the most powerful universal spiritual event in history." 

Many people believed that the Harmonic Convergence was a harbinger of the new century. Undoubtedly, it played a significant role in the new age, a popular cultural phenomenon. However, few know that the roots of the Harmonic Convergence goes into the ancient Mexican prophecy of the Thirteen Heavens and Nine hells. Information about them first appeared in the book, Tony Scherer (1926-2002) "Lord of the Dawn" (1972). The initiator of the Harmonic Convergence Jose Arguelles, in 1969, was already aware of these prophetic dates: August 16-17, 1987. Thirteen Heavens and Nine hells - is the twenty-two 52-year old Mayan calendar cycle. The Mayan Factor provides a more in depth look into these cycles.

In late 1983 came the vision of Jose Arguellesu final date of this prophecy, when he saw a circle of people gathered at sacred sites around the world in order to reconnect with the natural order of reality. Then, in 1984, appeared the name of the event - Harmonic Convergence. When Arguelles began to promote the event, he met several people who were aware of the prophetic significance of these August days in 1987, among them musician Jim Berenholts and Indian healer Harley Quick Deer (Swiftdeer). By the end of spring 1987, after the publication of his book "Mayan Factor, Harmonic Convergence, attracted the general attention of the media, including a front page article in "The Wall Street Dzhernal" June 23, 1987. 

At the heart of prophecy is the recognition that mankind walked away from nature and has had a devastating impact on the surrounding environment. 

The real value of the Harmonic Convergence is the ability of people to take this signal and synchronize harmony with nature by 2010. 

According to the prophecy of the Harmonic Convergence, the planet can inspire only if the person is in attune with the cycles of nature. The only way to achieve this goal  is to abandon an unequal standard of time and adopt a new, harmonious one with the cycles of nature as seen in many earth based systems.   We are seeing many returning to these systems to come back into the harmony with these seasonal and heavenly events.




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I participated in  this Ceremony in 1987 with a small coven that I was a part of...we were on a mountain top in of the most spiritual expierences of my also taught me that if a group wants to share something like a ritual or ceremony ,it can be done..I have also expirenced some great rituals this way..long distance...


I wrote the above comment then read/ listened and watched the beautiful video...I could not agree more...on that day the 8 of us who participated became much more aware of the changes we wanted to bring into being and it was/is not the one of fear but of growth and alignment with our universe healing the  Mother Earth.. 

Thank you very much for posting this..

Lady Moonheart, forgive my ingnorance. But what ever is this Harmonic Convergence. When I google it most all I get is basically a lot of folks got together in different parts of the world to meditate to heal the earth. I am real sure there has to be more to it than that. Also what is this portal you speak of?

Just added some information on the Harmonic Convergence for you Kixs.  If you have this question, so does many of our other members.  I hope that this answers your questions about this pivotal point in human history.

And I totally understand what you are saying about that time, Brandi.  I was one of the many thousands who participated in this event, like yourself.  It was an opening of spirit for those of us who were called to be at one of the sacred places.  I was at Mt. Shasta for the event.  I am trying to locate a video taken at that time to show the numbers involved.

I remember the planetary alignment that was the "event" of the harmonic convergence, at a beach party on Morton Bay, Australia, with my wife and young family, trying to explain what the planetary alignment meant.

Friday 13th May found me sitting on the beach 100km north of Morton bay with my grandchildren watch another planetary alignment and listening to my 9 year old granddaughter explain why its "harmonic"!

"84" really opened lucid dreaming for me, 2011 gave me a lucid dream that's changing my life, a real shift in perception!

Thank  you for this enlightening information! It brought a much better understanding to me and for that I am truly grateful! Thank you Lady Moonheart for all the work you are doing in order to share this with us! I am so thankful and may the Goddess bless thee greatly for your work! Blessed be!
I thank you for the compliment Bleumnajikatt, but this is all of our work.  Each of us is being asked to step outside of our comfort zones (not an easy task for most) and usher in a new age for all life on this planet, not just human life.  And being pagans and closely connected to our mother planet, we have a daunting task to be leading the way to help others learn to tune into her needs.

We must decide which way we will go.  But as the time grows shorter, it seems both sides are getting stronger.  I am at a point that I can not go out and try to save those who have chosen the dark path!!!


I must keep myself with those who seek glorious rebirth.

This is the very reason I started this group.  The more people gathering that think alike. the more powerful and clear the vision.  Fear is a very weak foundation to build a future on.  We already have way too much of that.  Using the Law of Attraction we call forth our world by our very thoughts and actions.
Yes, exactly!!!  Hope you didn't see my comment as fearful.  It is just a new realization in my personal life that I must eliminate negative people as their stuff just sticks to me and is a waste of energy to constantly shake off.

Thank you, Lady, for this site and for inviting me.  


It occurred to me only last month that if there were any folks online who participated in the Harmonic Convergence twenty-four years ago, they would probably be here on PaganSpace.  I posted a discussion topic on July 28th, but I only got two responses, from members who were too young to know anything about it.  Then a week later, I discovered your invitation from 6 weeks earlier!   How cool!


Here's my story, as I remember it:


On Aug 16, 1987, my twin brother and I journeyed several hours to Enchanted Rock, not far north of San Antonio, for this incredibly beautiful event.  We stayed in a campground nearby and explored the massive quartz dome (granite, 1000+ ft diameter) rising up out of the semi-desert landscape.  


By nightfall, the park was pretty full, and the energy was already growing.  We felt like we were actually part of a Significant Event.   Though there were many campers, the atmosphere was mostly quiet, yet anticipatory, friendly and exciting in a subdued sort of way.  Lots of exchanged smiles and waves.  Many were dressed in Native American leathers with feathered headdresses and drums.  Beads and crystals, chanting, incense.  It was amazing to see.


We planned to wake up before dawn, but I don't think we ever went to sleep.  At about 4 AM, an exodus began, of sleepy campers from every direction, moving toward the top of the dome.  A large medicine wheel, maybe 40 feet across, had already been partially laid out using favorite crystals that so many of us had brought, an investment in our faith.  It was too windy for candles, though they were still placed with incense and flowers.  


As the sky began to brighten, most folks sat Indian-style facing the dawn, meditating.  I still remember the liquid gold spilling across the top of the dome first, then melting down the slope.  The sun seemed to draw the shadows from Enchanted Rock as its rays descended to the surrounding plain.  Much about that event was indescribable, and achingly beautiful.


After the sun had fully risen, we joined hands in an ever-growing circle as more and more people arrived.  There was joy in every face as we chanted and swayed in time to someone's drumbeat.  Finally, a crescendo arose within us that mellowed just before climax, and everyone knew it was right.  The circle was released.


We looked at each other with a combination of emotions involving love, togetherness, triumph and acceptance, and we knew we had made a difference; the snowball that would become an avalanche.  


I'm glad to be part of this group.

How odd!  You pretty much just described my personal experience that I had at Mt. Shasta.  There were thousands of us up there for the event.  I think the one thing that amazes me most in talking with those who participated, is their feelings to see this shift of the ages through to make this a better future for all.  And we have all been in the trenches doing just that since 1987.

I am glad you found this group and know that you will have much to share about your journey toward 2012.

i was just a university student when the convergence happened; i was new in town & did not know a lot of people, but i listened to NPR and was out in a small park, picking either st. johns wort or evening primrose flowers when the time came; i added my heartfelt wish to the convergence.  i made a cassette tape of the NPR broadcast of what was happening around the world at the time, but listened to it & the copy i made of it, so much over the years, they wore out.


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