Chalise Brooke Medicine Eagle is a both a Psychologist and a Native American metis - an Earth wisdom teacher and catalyst for healing, a visionary, sacred ecologist, harmonist and recording artist. Based at FlowerSong Garden Sanctuary in North Central WA, her beauty way awakens physical and spiritual health through private sessions and retreats, models ecological harmony, offers Native American music and chants, promotes ritual honoring of Earth cycles, shares women's mystery teachings, and creates a sustainable, holy path for two-leggeds to walk. Brooke and partner Sunny's teachings, apprenticeships and other offerings will awaken and challenge you to the next level of being -- as a fully-functioning human being in beauty, harmony and grace upon a renewed Earth. Apprenticeships in organic gardening, natural building, and harmonious lifeways can be arranged.

She is the author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, her first book of spiritual autobiography and lessons for all people. Brooke's latest book, The Last Ghost Dance, is a global, visionary view on the practices of Earth magic and ascending into our greater humanity. It is a profoundly moving and informative spiritual history as well as an encouragement to come into harmony and service in your own right.


In this video series Brooke speaks out on the changes of 2012. 



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What can I say. This is amazing.  Thank you for posting.
THANKS for adding this.I will read through it, WE have some dear CHEROKEE friends at the Grandfather Games and their medicine woman has talked there too.with much wisdom..I have great respect for the way of the Native Americans
There are many Celtic/Cherokee offspring out there, Lass.  Both were tribal peoples and shared many of the same ideas.
love this.

Wow, when I first read the title of this discussion in the email I wondered if mabey it was Brooke you were talking about.

Brooke is a friend of both my wife and myself and a truely sweet, kind, intelligent and very deep person.

Beside all the amazing things that she does and says she still has a childlike wonder about things as well. I remember once when she was staying with us here in Northeast Ohio she came to a concert I was playing called "Wizards of Acoustic Guitar" that consisted of myself, and guitarists Neil Jacobs and Jim Volk.

She sat in the front row and had the look of a child on Christmas morning the whole time!

I also remember taking her to WCPN to speak with Dee Perry on her show "Around Noon" once a few years ago. When Brooke started to speak it was as though her higher self or an angel joined with her. It was soooo powerful that I noticed that Dee had tears in her eyes.

I've included some of her music along with this reply to this discussion.

Thank you for posting some of Brooke's music, Brian.  Her music is as delightful as she is in person. Because she and I have traveled in the same circles for many years our paths cross at times. Perhaps not often enough, sadly.  We both trained under the Lakota Spiritual Leader and Medicine Man, Wallace Black Elk, and his lovely life partner Grace Spotted Eagle.
VERY NICE!!  I have some Jason Ball or Jeffrey Ball cd,,Native American fluitist,I met at a pow wow last year.....amazing too
this is awesome...very inspirational and enlightening. ty for posting it! :)

Fraud thats all I can say, this is a White woman yet again using Native American way to make money. Here is an example:

Brooke IS Native American. I happen to know her pretty well and you...obviously don't have any idea what you are talking about and I would suggest that in the future you actually look at more than just a photo before either judging someones race or just calling them a fraud.


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