part of this is reprinted on my Professional page on facebook...when writing this i saw another way some of the same revelations of today could relate to a completely different...yet similar...train of thought...but this is the real place i wanted to speak, but that wonderful thing about such events is they fit everywhere....yet in differing ways

...............The ONENESS


Perhaps the greatest single spiritual event in my life.....was what i call...The Oneness.

Times,  right when it happened,  were not good ones for me,!  The recent departure of my wife of many years,  and suddenly becoming a single Dad while fighting the PTSD that was still basically unaddressed,  mostly lying in a state of denial, was beyond, daunting. In fact it was terrifying.  

The day it happened i was walking in the park thinking and tryng to wrap my mind around the "suddenly imposed" new reality and tears were present...when.  In a heartbeat something happened to me, a feeling,  then "seeing" then "knowing" came over me.  It is impossible to descirbe in words what happened....i remember dropping to my knees, in a state of awe unable to stand.  I was for that terribly short period of time...ONE with EVERYTHING.  I "Knew" it....could feel things coursing  through me...animals,  trees,  wind,  fire,  light,  and darkness of night.....feelings...those of other people...all just like mine,  like me..same hopes and dispair, the same joys and angers...i remember the only thought that surfaced was "Please do not let me ever forget this, i know it can only be an instant!" was, as expected....gone...but as you can see from these words..NEVER forgotten!  Needless to day my life has never been as it was before that beautiful moment.


This moment i'm in now.....this very far from that one, but still as connected...and as i spent time in one of my sacred places this morning....thoughts about it came clear in a whole new way.  That the beauty of such a keeps unfolding...for the rest of your life, new insghts...meanings missed,  and today was one of simple it was to BE part of everything.   Then when time came to return home...before i left the spot these thoughts came in.

When i saw and felt what i did....ONENESS did not mean,  that trees were the same as men, or squirrels, or ducks or the wind...but interconnected, the "differences" were equally interlocked,  and different at the same time....all contributing to the whole yet each unique, a peice of the whole,  seperate in some ways,  but totally interlocked and holographically containing all of the rest of creation at the same time. Complex and simple intertwined.


Sometimes when i hear others talking about becoming "One Species" a part of this daunting yet amazing series of occurances that are so close....does that mean we lose the diversity that makes us so different yet the same?  


I would love to hear how you all see this... because when people talk about "unifying" i always..."hear" something that makes me hark back to that day....[and now, especially after todays clarification of the original Vision]  it makes me feel like we will not, that clan and tribe  will not be lost in some universal mix but somehow finally be allowed to enhance it as never before, since the last Changing of the Ages.  I would love to hear what you think?....Sir Alfgar















The amazing beauty of that moment stirs in me lately quite a bit when i hear people talking about a sort of Universal society....oh hel....even,  New World Order...One world Church.....the list goes on and on.

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Hi i have not...but thanks for the information, i shall look it up though....Sir Alfgar

Myself, I see things through different eyes than most. The way I see things, we have the ability to connect to every living entity throughout the Multiverse through the Cosmic Energies that surround, and are part of, the entire existence within this reality. However, to think that all will become like-minded and seek a co-existence with all live forms, I see that as taking away the individuality that makes each life unique.

Also, to form "one church" would leave those like myself on the outside; as, being a Traditional Draconic, I am spiritual but follow NO Deity. I acknowledge the existence of each and every Deity, but follow none of them. The Dragons are the ones who teach me and give me the guidelines for my life, not a God or Goddess. Forming "one church" would also send the message that someone else's belief system is wrong, where I see that there is no wrong religion, each person's religion is right for them; as long as it gives that person hope for the future and makes them a better person (again this is a perception of the one involved for there are those who view good and evil in different ways).

first of all laughter....that snippet at the bottom was really one that was to be added to the other posting...and i forgot to cut and paste it over there!....but i get your points very well...i know many Dragon people...and all sound about like what you have described in terms of spiritual a Northman i "serve" no gods but respect and love those of my people more as ancestors.....than how many worship dieties...we isn't like prayer...but there are very focused ways  we have of interactions with the Mulitverse...that act much like prayer ....we respect all peoples rights to love, and worship thier own as they will,  as long as they do not try to impose them on others and do no harm...Sir Alfgar
As for me...yes...haven't had time to read much on this issue of late but will check this out...much starseed information and discussion happened many years ago and i was following the subject with got in the is something we discuss in Lodge between rounds sometimes....but i need to update!...and again you have my thanks...Sir Alfgar
not at all...Byron is 40 this Oct 30th...Jessica 34....Sean 32
Only one so far....Chance....Seans son
Joy, I have to say I have not heard of this site, but will check it out and thank you for bringing this to my attention. As for the higher dimensions, what I know of them has been taught to me by the Dragons and through my own investigations through meditations.
There are subliminal tapes and CDs that could help you with this Joy giving you guided meditations (and astral traveling if you wish). Once you have learned the basics then you will be able to guide your own meditations. Another resource that describes a perfect way into the alpha state required for meditation is a book called The Power of the Witch by Laurie Cabot.
Your very welcome
All you need to find is within you. As a witch, I choose to be here, on Gaia. For me, there are no other "dimensions." All 3 worlds, the lower, middle and upper are HERE now. The problem, as I see it, is that we limit our experience, we believe that there is an "ordinary" and "non-ordinary" reality. We are indoctrinated into these limiting beliefs by the "evil empire" that would have us slaves and not know our true infinite nature. The task is to break out of our cocoons. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,  Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616.) May you walk with the Gods.
Cormac, answer me this please..............because you do not believe other dimensions exist, does that mean that these dimensions truly do not exist? I have traveled the dimensions (as have many others throughout the history of man as that is what Shamans do). There are 11 Planes of Existence and many, many, many dimensions. I understand what you are meaning by everything existing at once, but that more has to do with time and space as we see it on the Physical Plane.
We are falling into a trap of words. I have experiences that I choose not to separate from "the world" by naming them as "not of the world." There is an infinite number of experiences. To say that there are 11 planes, 7 or 110 doesn't hold much meaning (for me.) What is important is the ravens mocking me when i get too full of myself or the tree that holds me in it's arms and brings me to the place where trees live forever. So it's not that I don't believe that other "dimensions" exist, I just don't think that way. Again I see the world as infinite with many nooks and crannies. AND that one must be careful. Evil exists. There are powerful entities lurking about. May the Lord and Lady protect us.


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