part of this is reprinted on my Professional page on facebook...when writing this i saw another way some of the same revelations of today could relate to a completely different...yet similar...train of thought...but this is the real place i wanted to speak, but that wonderful thing about such events is they fit everywhere....yet in differing ways

...............The ONENESS


Perhaps the greatest single spiritual event in my life.....was what i call...The Oneness.

Times,  right when it happened,  were not good ones for me,!  The recent departure of my wife of many years,  and suddenly becoming a single Dad while fighting the PTSD that was still basically unaddressed,  mostly lying in a state of denial, was beyond, daunting. In fact it was terrifying.  

The day it happened i was walking in the park thinking and tryng to wrap my mind around the "suddenly imposed" new reality and tears were present...when.  In a heartbeat something happened to me, a feeling,  then "seeing" then "knowing" came over me.  It is impossible to descirbe in words what happened....i remember dropping to my knees, in a state of awe unable to stand.  I was for that terribly short period of time...ONE with EVERYTHING.  I "Knew" it....could feel things coursing  through me...animals,  trees,  wind,  fire,  light,  and darkness of night.....feelings...those of other people...all just like mine,  like me..same hopes and dispair, the same joys and angers...i remember the only thought that surfaced was "Please do not let me ever forget this, i know it can only be an instant!" was, as expected....gone...but as you can see from these words..NEVER forgotten!  Needless to day my life has never been as it was before that beautiful moment.


This moment i'm in now.....this very far from that one, but still as connected...and as i spent time in one of my sacred places this morning....thoughts about it came clear in a whole new way.  That the beauty of such a keeps unfolding...for the rest of your life, new insghts...meanings missed,  and today was one of simple it was to BE part of everything.   Then when time came to return home...before i left the spot these thoughts came in.

When i saw and felt what i did....ONENESS did not mean,  that trees were the same as men, or squirrels, or ducks or the wind...but interconnected, the "differences" were equally interlocked,  and different at the same time....all contributing to the whole yet each unique, a peice of the whole,  seperate in some ways,  but totally interlocked and holographically containing all of the rest of creation at the same time. Complex and simple intertwined.


Sometimes when i hear others talking about becoming "One Species" a part of this daunting yet amazing series of occurances that are so close....does that mean we lose the diversity that makes us so different yet the same?  


I would love to hear how you all see this... because when people talk about "unifying" i always..."hear" something that makes me hark back to that day....[and now, especially after todays clarification of the original Vision]  it makes me feel like we will not, that clan and tribe  will not be lost in some universal mix but somehow finally be allowed to enhance it as never before, since the last Changing of the Ages.  I would love to hear what you think?....Sir Alfgar















The amazing beauty of that moment stirs in me lately quite a bit when i hear people talking about a sort of Universal society....oh hel....even,  New World Order...One world Church.....the list goes on and on.

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All I was pointing out is that there many different worlds, dimensions and Planes of Existence and hoping that you, being one who delves in the magicks, do not put those limitations on yourself by staying only on this Plane of Existence (the Physical Plane). If you do choose to only investigate this Plane, well, that is your choice. It is just that there is so much knowledge to be gained from the other Planes as well.
"Knowledge about life is one thing; effective occupation of a place in life, with its dynamic currents passing through your being, is another." William James

How many countries are there in the world? Some would say 195...


I'll say there is one world and the delineations of national boundaries are arbitrary mental constructs. Likewise, saying there are 11 planes of existence is no different than counting countries. To this eye, it is one existence.

You can make the statement that all creatures are one and would not be wrong... and they are all eating each other.


Oneness is the underpinnings, but it is a human mental imposition on the pattern of life that we are all supposed to be together in action. That is a form of fascism. Diversity is the strength and beauty of life.

I tend to agree with you....diversity is exactly what has kept life going through all the events that have shaped and reshaped our world...From the Many One...from One many...from raising wolves i found that each pack, or litter has dynamic how they approach the same we do in tribes and diamonds....same mineral...but with many facets.

i remember when learning the "walking meditation" we were taught...i just finally let go, closed my eyes and trusted my "inner sight"  i was walking at the edge of a wood....and it was effortless....[the hard par for me was the "leting go part"]....didn't run into any trees...stomp and bushes down...then suddenly something"felt wrong"...the ground felt funny, different...i stopped and opened my eyes and was standing in a small area where someone had planted thier back lawn all the way to the edge of the was one of those kinds of grass that kill off all others...uniform...crew cut to like three was that uniformity that "felt" what icall "the real world"...nature" many plants grow together in the same the work of man had destroyed that diversity...something told me inside....humans like to make things line up in straight little rows...control them, the environment...everything...was a big lesson for me......A

Was reading today about the native Americans who had visions about the different dimentions and the world changing ,different to how it  is today electric for instance etc also we would all unite as  one big tribe to help one another ,to work together all tribes and creeds and colours .Black Elk ,and Running Deer ,are two i remember reading about this big shift we are going through .Grey ~~


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