The year 2012

The year 2012 has been a really hot topic these days due to the movie 2012 and more importantly the Mayan prophecy of 2012.
And what are those all about, what's gonna happen at the year 2012. Here are some brief introductory materials...

The Solstice on December 21, 2012 ~ precisely at 11:11 AM Universal Time ~ marks the completion of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of the Ancient Maya Long Count Calendar.

Rather than being a linear end-point, this cycle that is closing is naturally followed by the start of a new cycle. What this new cycle has in store for humanity is a mystery that has yet to unfold...

2012 is also considered the completion of the 26,000 year Precession of the Equinoxes cycle, and some say it also signifies the end of a 104,000 year cycle.

The recent "2012" movie serves to alert a targeted 140 million people, in case they too haven't already heard the news. Unfortunately, however, the movie does a dis-service because it distorts the message of this ancient prophecy by associating it with fear and destruction, as depicted by the movie's global disaster scenario, rather than the themes of transformation and renewal the prophecy is actually based in.

The 2012 date indeed marks the completion of this World Age Cycle. Rather than something to fear, we can understand the 2012 prophecy as signalling us that we need to awaken and realize that these times on Earth are auspicious; we are living in land-mark times in the history of our planet. We are collectively in a cross-roads moment that is calling out to us to participate in our fullest capacity. We are each being summoned to bring our inspiration and empowerment to the fore, as we must all take our places in transforming our human culture to be one of Harmony - with ourselves, with each other and with all of Nature.

Together we are in a great initiation process, living in times of unprecedented challenge, transformation and opportunity. This planetary moment has never existed before as it does right now. Our human population is climbing off the charts, accelerating by the day, as is our environmental crises and the vast whole-system struggles of peoples worldwide, both physically and spiritually. The old world mentality, founded in separation, greed, ignorance, and unconscious consumer materialism, has reached dangerous peaks. Simultaneously, there has never been so much possibility at our fingertips as there is right now. A new paradigm is trying to emerge in our world, through our hearts and minds, like a flower trying to grow through the cracks in the cement sidewalk. New comprehensions and new solutions are emerging in our collective journey - from new sciences, to new economic models, new healing modalities, new energy technologies, new educational models, new forms of conflict resolution, etc. These times of crisis are unifying us and catalyzing us to awaken to our personal and collective responsibilities in this one planetary equation.

As we perceive the 2012 completion date as a reminder to us from the Ancients that right here and now we are living in precious times, we can realize how critical it is that we align together in respect for life, becoming more and more conscious of how our intentions and actions affect the Whole. This is an important theme of this prophecy: Becoming Conscious of All that has been Unconscious. It is time to see and know and become aware of how we can participate directly in this great transformation process, inside of ourselves and in our shared world, from the energies we transmit through our feelings and intentions, to the details of our lifestyle choices.

The New Cycle that is to emerge is founded on us awakening to the beauty and responsibility of our interconnectedness. Every one of us has a piece in this cosmic puzzle, and we must help each other find our heart's guidance in these mysterious times. As we recognize we are in a Global Healing Crisis, we can shake off the wounded victim mentality, and arise as Medicine Warriors, here to do the necessary work to help lay the ground for a New Era to root, conscious of our obligations to future generations.

Carlos Barrios, who was trained as an Ajq'ij in the Maya tradition, has this to share in regards to 2012:

"Our planet can be renewed or ravaged. Now is the time to awaken and take action...The prophesized changes are going to happen, but our attitude and actions determine how harsh or mild they are.

"This is a crucially important moment for humanity and for earth. Each person is important. If you have incarnated into this era, you have spiritual work to do balancing the planet...The greatest wisdom is in simplicity. Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness. It's not complex or elaborate. The real knowledge is free. It's encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you. Great teachers have said that from the beginning. Find you heart, and you will find your way."
Medicine men and woman have been gathering worldwide in places of power since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 to ease the transition into this new era.  They are working directly with the earth energy fields known as ley lines and vortexes.  Here is rare film footage shot of the ceremonies held at the Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala.  

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A lot to think about. I must admit that I have not thought about 2012 until these discussions began. Now I am as I believe we all should. After some thought and research I hope to be able to contribute positively.
Ok...don't know about anyone else but I could feel the energy from the video...How I would love to be able to attend such a ceremony...and in such a place..
I am very happy to be alive at this time and be able to bare witness to the dawning of a new era for human kind. But there is still a problem . the majority of the population of the planet do not understand the concept of a new begining, and only see the possibility of the "end of time" concept. There will be some physical changes to the earth during this time of change and the majority of the population fear any kind of physical change. This leads to not only fear, but also the possibility of violence as some will think the world is coming to an end. The end of times type programs on TV only add fuel to this fire. So the question is, how do we convince the billions of people on the planet that this is a time of enlightenment and not the end of the world?

Hi Terry;

I have thought about your question.."how do we convince billions of people..."and I came across this link..I beleive that I am an "Indigo Elder"..since the 60's many people have come forward such as psychics, healers, loving caring people that go beyond the call so to speak. And yes unfortunately we also have seen many charlatins but I beleive that the chaff will be sorted from the seed when the time comes...

I also beleive that the "Indigo people" will also be a great part of teaching and preparing people.

I would enjoy hearing your comments on this isn't the only website by any means but it also disscusses the Indigo Elders..

so there are indigo elders as well as indigo children? im not sure of your age but it is my understanding that the indigo children are not even of age yet but i could be wrong...would have to investigate that....i just find this interesting bec i rem reading about the indigos....

Yes this article also talks of Indigo also explains that there are many more indigo children being born..I am now 57 and have had all of the abilkities of Indigo children and it became most notable by the age of 3..I could speak very clear sentances and carry on adult the time I was 7 I was in the 3rd the 5th grade by age 8 and I read and comprehended college material books and graduated high school by age 15...unheard of in the 60's to 70's except as "being labeled protogees or geniuses"..of which I was nor am either..

I used to get whipped with a willow switch when I would predict something and it came true...At age 8 I taught my mother how to read...she was from the ozark mountains and female children rarely learned to do more than sign their name in the late 30's and 40's..

wow! thats like totally amazing! lol so indigo children arent the new phenom i thought they were...very interesting, i must say. now i have heard of crystal children, as well. do you know anything about them?
Terry I really like your question. I'm afraid the answer is we can't. You personally can only affect the ones your close to physically. When people around you, no matter their path, start going on about this world ending, simply explain your thoughts to them. I have always done this. You will be surprised the amount of people that will see reason in your words. A more christiany type friend of mine said I explained it much better than anyone he had discussed it with and I didn't make it sound all new agey and witchy, just a matter of fact with no fear attached. He has now started a new path with a much more pagan feel to it. He also explains the change to come without all the fear attached to it, so the ripple of knowledge expands.

The U.S. is the center of darkness. Living in it, it is easy to think the whole world is as it is here. 


I read an article written by an anthropologist who went to Brazil to help the landless. After being there for a while, she realized that even though the average education level was 'only' 5th grade that an 'average' person there had a better understanding of the socio-political forces driving society and a vision of change that was more astute and well rounded than the University professors she knew. She went to help and ended up being taught.


We carry a lot of cultural arrogance here. We think because we are the center of the empire that we are smarter, better educated, more modern and so on. American exceptionalism is deeply rooted. I attended a Leonard Cohen concert a few months back and when he sang his song about democracy coming to the U.S.A and that it was coming here first, the whole crowd cheered. It is not coming here first, and this country is the biggest impediment to a just world.


There is a profound denial in this country. We have lots of free time here at the empire's center because we have forced so many peoples around the world to work for us. So many people here have their iPods because so many others are enslaved. With that free time we indulge ourselves in image games, personality, showy displays and lots of intellectual fantasy. We do not know how to live on the earth and live mostly in the head in our indulgent thoughts. Same thing happened in Rome. Empires become decadent and here is no exception. So because we live in the mind, we glorify the mind because that is what we know. Those TV shows don't matter. It is the people who live without TV's that will lead the change. The U.S. is in the midst of dying and when the empire fully crumbles then all the old slaves will lead the way to something new.


For people living here, my recommendation is learn the basics. Learn how to grow your own food. Try living for even a month without depending on the labor of those living in U.S. slave states. As a farmer and activist who has interacted with and taught thousands of people I can say that very few people in this country know the basics, but they often talk about leading some big change in the world. You cannot write a poem if you do not even know the alphabet.


It is wonderfully humbling to grow ones own food. It reveals the huge gulf between intellectual fantasy and real living. It is a great relief to take some steps away from the former and towards the latter. I too am very happy to be alive at this time!  cheers


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