The return of the feminine first came to me in a dream about 2 years ago. At first the symbols in my dream appeared as the end of the world as one of three moons in my dream was "falling from the sky toward the earth" The three moons which symbolize the feminine and the one moving towards the earth would symbolize the coming of the feminine. I do believe that this is what is happening. that dream also changed my life completely. I feel a strong feminine energy around me always ever since.


Here I found this article that helps explain the feminie energies:


Channelling via Whitefeather from Mary & Magdalene 20.8.10

The coming of the serpent, this most feminine, most ancient of healing symbols is with us once more as the rise in the feminine continues to strive to restore the balance of the feminine to the masculine world of power and corruption, misuse and misdeed. The cycle of abuse is coming to an end and now the serpent can become the ouroboros and the alchemical circle will be complete offering true balance and wholeness.

Humanity, both men and women, for all hold the feminine essence within themselves, must now open their themselves wholly to the feminine energies as they rise. It is not weak for a man to reach inside himself and feel the feminine energy within, neither is it wrong for a woman to use her masculine self as the strength behind her feminine essence.

We call to all men who would be awakened to embrace the energy of the feminine that lies within your heart centre and to feel once more the full range of emotions you are capable of. For so long, man has used only his warrior self, which gives rise to anger, hatred and negative emotions used only to gain power and supremacy over another, be it over a woman, a country or another male adversary. The time is now for men to again honour the feminine both within themselves and within all women. Do as the ancient ones did, honour your women as sacred for they are the Goddess incarnate and they hold the key to returning the balance to you and to your world. Listen to their wisdom, for they hold within them the secrets of balance and harmony through spiritual practices. Work with the women who seek to return the feminine for it is in your own best interests to awaken within you your own feminine essence and become again a balanced human being.

We call to the women to stand within your own feminine essence, your spirituality, for this is your power. This is not about fighting for or against men, power, greed etc., etc., It is about standing up for who you are and what you have to offer the world. For too long women have thought they must become warrior like in order to defeat men. This is not so, it is not about defeating anyone, nor is it about becoming masculine yourself. A women’s role is to quietly and steadfastly lead by example, both to other women and for their men folk.

When a women stands within her Divine feminine essence, it can be tangibly felt by even the most sceptical and hardened of warriors. Some will allow their own feminine essence touched and healed by this Divine feminine energy and so rise within themselves. But others will feel threatened and not yet be ready to embrace it and so will fight against it with bullying, wickedness and energies borne out of fear, they will try to destroy her power. But a spiritually strong woman in touch with her feminine power cannot be defeated for long, neither can she remain a victim, for her power shines from a place deep within her heart centre.

Women, reach out to other women, come together in circles of power and Divine energy, welcome men who are awakened and have embraced their feminine selves, into your circles also, for a balanced male has as much to offer as a balanced female. In this way, as more and more balanced men and women come together for healing and spreading spiritual love and light, so the balanced loving light can return to the Earth and the powers of greed, negativity and control can dissolve away.

Together as balanced women and men, you can co-create the world of love and balance, harmony and beauty, that you all so desire.
The serpent is the healing power of the sacred feminine and we call to all women and to all men to embrace the sacred feminine, allow the healing energy of the serpent to transform your lives for the better.

This is a time that has the potential for enormous spiritual changes in both perception and manifestation. The planetary alignments, continuing solar activities and the coming return journey of Venus are all offering the opportunities for both individuals and humanity on a global scale, to turn your world around, to co-create the dreams of a planet in balance and harmony. These energies are available to every woman, man and child who has the courage to use them to create their dreams of a better world.

The ancient wisdoms are again rising to the surface and anyone with a willing and open heart can access them, then reach out to others and share this wisdom you gain. Embrace the Goddess within you, embrace the Goddess within every strong woman willing to stand in her own feminine essence and power, embrace the Goddess within the man who stands strong in the face of masculine power of control and greed and who embraces his own Goddess within as well as the Goddess within every woman as sacred.

This is the journey to balance and now is the time to step onto the journey of life and embrace the feminine and the Goddess within. Allow the serpent to guide you there.
All Blessings to all empowered women and awakened men. All healing to those yet to awaken and embrace the Return of the Feminine.
Mary and Magdalene of the Divine Feminine and Serpent Energy.





The Age of Aquarius represents the return to higher frequency of light energy - the feminine - intuitive energies - as Aquarius is the feminine.

In at 26,000 year cycle of time called the Precession of the Equinoxes - approximately every 13,000 the cycles of time change occurs - from the masculine energies - (Leo through Pisces) - to the feminine energies (Aquarius through Virgo) at which time the cycle begins again.

We have entered the time of Aquarius - 'She' who returns humanity to the higher frequencies - and the spiritual teaching long lost 13,000 at the Age of Aquarius. The teaching were past down through the ages through the etchings of the ancient mystery schools - but much has been lost.

The teachings included encoded triggers that are part of our awakening process to the great changes (merges) that are occurring for us at this time.

When the merge comes - it will come 'out of the blue'. Something celestial will appear in the sky that will be witnessed by the entire planet at the same time. All souls will then merge and move into the next reality / program.


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Yes indeed...Lilith is definately rising!

As an alternative to organised monotheistic religion, people are tending to look to other cultures for answers to Spiritual questions in the form of Yoga, Buddhism, Shamanism etc., looking to Masters and Gurus of these practices as the new priests or in some cases Gods.

What many people don’t know is that here in the West we have similar, and equally powerful, transforming and uplifting ancient traditions and philosophies. These traditions have been born from right here, the land beneath our feet. They are the root of our society and our way of life and therefore people find that they make sense by reflecting who we are.

Unfortunately our ancient, sacred knowledge has been hidden and demonised by the priests of organised, monotheist religion. The, witches, sages, philosophers, shamans, healers, midwives, seers, priests and priestesses of the ancient following were tortured and murdered. These 'Trials' were created in order to separate people from their own Divine Power and gain control.

During a vast period of time known as the 'witch burnings' (1100-1700) monotheist religion instigated a horrific series of events that led to the deaths of thousands (some say up to 9 million) people, mostly women. The continued propaganda has left us with a culture that views anything related to our ancient culture and practice with suspicion and intolerance. Any celebrations or belief systems that couldn’t be suppressed were incorporated into the new religions and weaved into their own myth systems.

However, even under these circumstances the ancient practices continue. They have been kept hidden for many years from fear of continued persecution. We are now ready to come into the open.

Lilith is rising!



Its interesting that you mention Lilith since I have been thinking about her alot these days. My husband even brought hame a pet Snake a few weeks ago and said her name is Lilith :)
As soon as I saw your title, The Return of the Feminine, I immediately thought of lilith, her name has been demonised by the Abrahamic faith's because of her enormous power, it was only a matter of time before she would arise again, the tide is turning, as you so eloquently pointed out, the age of aquarius is upon us!

What goes around comes around, Lol!

When true history is revealed you just may find out where the concept of a Devil came from and this is a DNA problem.

I guess that is why they call it Mother Earth. Even the bible talks about a genetic mix. The Sons of Adam, The fallen ones, (Not to be confused with the fallen angles); the pure blood of Noah and on and on.

Did the concept of God want us to be so stupid making knowledge a forbidden fruit? Well this is a Christian trait where so much knowledge and science has been destroyed, lost, stolen, and made forbidden all in the name of religion. The lack of knowledge seriously jeopardizes your physical and spiritual development and there will not even be a close second argument here.


I feel that the Goddess lives in all of us and directly applies to the connections of nature that can connect your soul anywhere in the universe. The ability to evolve into a higher order of being, or as Chaos theory states; That the image of man is any matter that can evolve into a life form that is bipedal.

what's the difference between the fallen ones and the fallen angels?

i really believe all errors and mis-conceptions of god and the devil come from christianity.

if we ARE to grow as beings, women will play THE major role.

i'm very happy i found this site. so much knowledge here to learn.


As a man, I freely admit to being largely clueless about women.  Nonetheless, I find that, as we draw closer to the end of this cycle, my tendencies toward nurturance, empathy and support seem to grow in all my interactions.


Many people here on PaganSpace seem to believe that humanity has to DO something in order to successfully negotiate the changes we expect as the worm turns.  Personally, I think that our spiritual evolution will occur with or without our individual attentions.  It's just that our relative ease or discomfort will be proportional to our acceptance of it.


I'm looking forward to looking back.  In other words, I'm eager to be nearer the end of my life so that I can look back at this period of incredible change and see it with the clarity of hindsight.  


It's really amazing to me how much has changed since 1987 when the Harmonic Convergence signified the beginning of such rapid expansions in our consciousness.  It was the dawn of the Information Age.  The worldwide web caused the world to shrink and be accessible to everyone.  


Improvements in communication are happening so quickly now that only the most "high tech" of us can keep up.  I do believe the speed of change will begin to decelerate, after 2012, toward a more pastoral and gentle world.  With that in mind, I also anticipate that humanity's divergent obsessions will moderate and become more convergent and harmonious.  


After the ever-increasing turmoil of the last few generations, each passing year will see improved cooperation between formerly opposing factions; politically, socially, even musically.  Even though I see our world as Heaven even now, more and more people will be blessed with the same perspective, which will naturally enhance the reality of such a divine appreciation for everyone else. 


I think the mere fact that I think like this is evidence of the truth of your dream, Anna.  

Laugh with me!  And, have a hug!

morning all.

i truly enjoyed your writing on the return of the feminine. i hold the woman as sacred. as a warrior, women are more fierce. they have more humanity than the male. men will take a lot longer to admit a feminine aspect to themselves. be it an ego thing....i dont know. with that, the defeat of man shouldnt be difficult. women have learn to join together. man wont ever understand this (on the outside, anyway).

all that is holy comes from our women. most psychic power is inside the woman. man's wisdom comes from past mistakes. women's wisdom is more intuitive.



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