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I find this very interesting, I didn't know that the earth is slowing it's revolutions on its axis nor the rise in the energy, but what really caught my attention is that my guides have been saying that i need to release my fears and I've been working on being more loving of all, so....... interesting. Something new and more to research
Listening to our guides is very important now. They are a direct link to the source.  They are there to help guide you through this transition.  Being with other like-minded people is also very helpful right now.  We are helping to shore each other up and also lift each other up.

I'm stupid enough to choose to go as "devils advocate" in this discussion, I want to get

the discussion going, I'm as interested in the outcome as you are! To my mind these are

the same type of people who made their millions out of the "great harmonic convergence"

and the year 2000 bug, now its the 2012 great end of cycle apocalypse! What say you?

I say that you should pick up Jose Arguelles, PhD book The Mayan Factor.  He is a renowned scholar and the main person bringing this awareness to the people.  Being a scholar he had nothing to gain by his life long work other than to inform the people about what he was discovering.  Much like Al Gore and global warming.  This time we are discussing here has been addressed by many ancient cultures and is known in astrology as the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  I will send you some links personally for you to watch on this very topic to help you better understand what the heavens have been saying about this dawning.

   I too have had warnings from my guide! Insane as it sounds that the Earth has shifted so, I find it more than obvious that the new age has influanced my guide to reach out to me in ways even more insane!

   About a year ago, while I was struggling with christianity, I was doing EVP sweeps at several haunted locations... For the first time without even calling on my guide, my guide came through and spoke my name loud and clear saying "Courtney.... Please Listen". Since then I have been trying to reach my guide and due to the utter violent vibrations of the Earth around me I had not been succesfull.

   Then one day, I decided to leave the recorder on while a native american friend of mine and I sat for homecooked pie, "Cherry to be exact!" Yummmm... Anyways, back to what happened. The conversation came up about the new age of Aquarius and she had asked me if I had gotten intouch with my guide yet. Once we played back the tape at the end of our evening, my guide had come through at that moment saying, "Concentrate.....I'll get stronger". I have tried on several attempts to communicate with my guide who only seems to show up when it wants to! Frustrating, I feel my guide with me more now then ever but would love to comunicate with it more, sense I am Aquarius (%100!!) and Uranus has brought me some serious influance thusfar. Maybe someone can help me focas better before the 2012 transition covers us??

   Anywho, thanks for listening to my rambling, The heavens are indeed speaking with us through the stars! Blessings to you all in 2012!


Meditation starts to open those channels to one's guides and your higher self.  It also helps you begin to remember your dreaming and messages you receive then as well.
so, arent we in the age of horus right now? if so.. were going into the age of Aquarius. That coincides with Crowley's predictions.. right?
We are currently in the age of Pisces right now and moving into the age of Aquarious, David.  It is very interesting that as we shift through the ages we are actually going backward according to our normal progression we use in normal astrology.  You can hear more about this progression through the ages in the discussion Looking to the Stars -- The Age of Aquarius here on 2012 discussions.  I think that this will help explain it better for you and maybe answer some of your questions regarding Crowley's predictions. 


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