I seen the thing for this it looks interesting but I was unable to get it my money is so tight I can barely pay stuff for school, I only hope someone puts one of these showings up free somewhere close to me or online.






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Going to try to get a copy of this soon.  It so perfectly fits 2012 and Occupy.  I would like to post this over on Occupy Pagan Space if that is o.k. with you.

Go Ahead more people need to see this stuff.

Thanks,  it is being networked as this goes out.  It will be seen by more people then you can possibly imagine.

I was finally able to see the movie, apparently they had it in our week only shelf that is placed under Generic Video so they can be available to those in town instead of being on a long wait list. So it was not even known that it was there till I saw my father had rented it.

Here is the link to view this movie for free.  Please go check it out.  You will be glad you did.  http://stagevu.com/video/sgzuckfsvyva       

ok looks like they just made it free on their site http://www.thrivemovement.com/home

Definitely want to watch this.

A very interesting movie. Alternative, unlimited energy has always interested me.

They just got it on you tube if you having trouble with their player on the site just look it up on there it should be there

Do you really believe these nut jobs. I run a non-profit and P&G give us one of our largest grants to pay for spay/nueters, general maintance of rescue programs and also they support our efforts to get under privleged people their GED or high school diploma's. They also grant us funds for our low income green housing project.

Why don't you tell PETA to grow up and help this planet instead of making more work for me with their insane ideology.

it doesn't matter if someone believes it or not I just felt the information needs to go out there and then after reviewing it people then can do their own research into the information to confirm it or not also other groups seem to confirm most the information from the Thrive movie check out the forum of who even got me to even want to see the movie check their information and forum out do not preach to each other that is how the religious groups end up fighting and causing disharmony




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