A 21st Century Feminine-ism

Keynote Address to be Given at the "Gather the Women" Celebration on March

8th, 2010
by Victoria Covell

There is no doubt about it...women all over the world are on the move.
Women, responding to a vivid inner calling to make a contribution, are
finding a stronger voice. And that voice is the mighty voice of conscience,
aligned with compassion. Compassion is the first and final solution for a
fading civilization. Women, in a team approach, attend to the collective
health by utilizing the collective heart. Many women who now awakening to
this crucial period of human evolution are carrying within them the seeds
of global transformation. Women of every generation, race, nationality, and
ability are poised in potential, waiting for an inner cue to begin a
peaceful revolution, to answer the impelling call of evolution. Modern
women, utilizing the feminine skills of inclusive nurturing, team work,
intuition, compromise, and attention to the long view are now stepping
through the matrix of heart to personally model a new approach in every
field of endeavor. Invoking the modern myth of the age: the activist of
heart, we call forth a feminine precedence of motivation rejuvenated
through compassion. It is simply time for "nice girls" everywhere to come
out from crouching behind good manners, and standing up with dignity,
evolve into women of honor.
In remarkable times, remarkable women are called to come forth. Events are
now moving on Earth that require the superior response of feminine love.
When the future summons her, the evolutionary woman as the footprint of
unfolding destiny, will always respond. Never will she have to say later
that she failed only because she had never tried. As 21st century women, we
do not look to ancient roles to identify ourselves or our contribution to
Earth, as human history is no longer adequate in determining the uniquely
feminine imprint of our modern evolutionary work. Women need not search
farther for a perfect model of performance than within. It is woman who,
practiced at hosting gestation, bearing the seed of new idea, successfully
transforms energy into life. We are the ones, who impregnable to all that
seeks to hold us back, will now walk through the doorway of raw courage on
every continent to birth evolutionary change for us all.
Women are now gathering in new nations of intention. The greathearted
Mothers of Nations are now called forth to become the great-conscienced
leaders of nations. The new birthing grounds of global humanitarian
governance will be a "kitchen table diplomacy" where as good bread dough
that gets passed around and well kneaded by the hands of many, every voice
will have its turn to be heard. Powerful social movements beginning in
discussions around the kitchen table of equality while passing the bread of
opportunity, will set the new feminine pattern of change in every personal
endeavor. Out of the wombs of hearts and hands and homes, women will weave
our future story...a future free from hunger, inequality, violence and
greed. Free because good women everywhere, who seated at kitchen tables of
community, daring to dialog, daring to lead, will now rise up and leaving
their houses of security, birth the compassionate heart out in the streets.
How do we change traditions that are entrenched in the ages? Understand
that everything in creation, no matter how entrenched it appears, is
constantly in motion. Nothing is fixed. Nothing is set. Everything is open
to change, and when "RE-quested" by the passionate heart, everything is
possible. At any moment, any entity or process is capable of unfolding,
"morphing," blending, and refolding into vital new patterns, to reappear in
radically modern and even astonishingly different form. And it is already
happening. A few weeks ago I was part of a gathering of women of various
generations, races, and nations, meeting in San Francisco to create
together, using feminine models, a modern template of creative business, in
which each participant had equal turn to be heard. Decisions crafted by
teamwork were finalized in consensus. Like ribbons, we daily wove together,
in the natural way of women: personal stories, spirituality, ceremony, and
business discourse into a strong braid of creation. Silliness was
encouraged and tears and laughter abounded. We even changed the language of
how business is traditionally conducted. For example, our "business plan"
is called a "storybook," and instead of a "CEO who led" us, we were all
"co-creators" who "facilitated." From my personal perspective of 25 years
in business, I witnessed that because the group had taken the time to first
bond in heart, business decisions came quickly through the woman's way of
seeking mutuality and compromise above all else!
How do we each personally make a difference, offer a unique contribution?
In an interactive galactic dance we are all partners, who like
constellation and quark, by moving, effect one another; and by turning,
rotate the universe. When one woman in her small and seemingly
insignificant life turns, the Great Gears of civilization are activated. No
matter how inexperienced or how unknown, when one individual as one gear,
turns, it gradually turns those in closest proximity, those it's
immediately engaged with, which "in turn" effects a shift for each of its
neighbors, and in this way finally alters the entire structure of the great
mechanism of society. Yet someone must begin the revolution...a feminine
"revolution," a blending of "revolve" and "solution." Someone must be the
first in their community to turn. When you make the courageous decision to
"turn" locally, you effect the lives of women who you will never know, all
across the planet. Yet how many of us, approaching the threshold of our
greater destiny, fearing we are not enough, draw back?
To those who say "I do not have sufficient skills or courage," I would
respond: No matter how wounded or despairing you may feel, no matter if
lacking in finances, education or experience, if you have the heart and the
persistence of a woman, yet have ability the only size of a grain of rice,
it WILL be enough. Let the tears come. Women have never been afraid of
tears, but now we will use them to become a stronger warrior, as tears of
grief, tears of anger, when forged by the strength of compassion, become
the "armor invincible" of resolve.
So how does this global movement begin? It begins by each woman first
finding and then allowing her voice. No longer shall the woman's voice be
treated with indifference or derision in the home or in the profession.The
evolutionary woman of the 21st century begins her personal campaign to
change the world by strongly infiltrating feminine heart and feminine
opinion into her daily field of endeavor. When in the past, you remained
silent to aggressive ignorance, letting small indignities and large
transgressions pass you by, you now no longer remain silent. When in the
past, you allowed your womanhood to be in any way diminished, you now no
longer tolerate condescension, abuse, or being "disappeared." They can lock
us away and sell us as sex slaves, but lookout: WOMEN WILL NOW BE RISING IN
DIGNITY. They can attack us in our homes and out in the streets, but watch
out: WOMEN WILL BE NOW RISING IN FREEDOM. They can deny us access to
leadership but understand: SPIRITED WOMEN WILL NOW BE RISING all the way to
the White House! No matter how small a band of women we may appear, united
we become a mighty global force. One woman, as a single drop of water, may
appear ineffectual, but beware the powerful physics of cohesion. The rising
evolutionary wave, whose time has come, is unstoppable..
Women who responding to the needs of the times are now moving to meet
together at the headwaters of change. This new movement of women as
personal tributaries of intent, are daily, steadily, merging to swell the
swiftly flowing rivers of change. Everywhere all over the planet, the eager
Women Nations of Earth overwhelming the banks of apathy and pouring down
the slopes of discontent, now with both feet, are jumping into the
invigorating waters of hope. In a chain of entwining arms and determined
hearts, we cast out the great net of compassion across the waters of
humanity, to gather in the planetary women. But we, the courageous women of
the 21st century, must act now, for the headwaters of evolution which
urgently beckon us to take our place in history, will no longer wait.
I challenge the women of the world, gathering together at the headwaters,
to boldly cast out the net, the finely meshed fibers of the heart. In this
way we will catch the best, boldest and most brilliant ideals and launching
them skyward, light up the world.
Victoria Covell is the author of "Spirit Animals" and "The Evolutionary
Woman of the 21st Century

A worldwide network of women connecting:
After reading this I was reminded of the early Tarot card of the lovers, where the woman has her eyes upon the heavens and the man looks to her for guidance.  Women are very intuitive and so many are being called to lead the way back to a more natural order of things and men are following.  Look at the growth of men coming into more natural spiritual practices over the last few years.  At first they scoffed and rolled their eyes, but now we are seeing a very different trend begin to take hold.



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This is tremendous and true! Dynamic! And looks to be the call of every woman! It definitely has resonated with my heart and the life I have lived through the years! It is a gift to connect with others on this and I do count it a privaledge!!  Thank you ~ Lady Moonheart ~ for being the vessel to bring this forth to us!! Goddess bless all!

What a fantastic read and yes we are feeling, seeing, creating something new and different. With that also comes the balance of forgiveness and acceptance of the Male aspect. Being balanced in all things gives us the foundation for limitless possibilities.  Thank you Lady Moonheart for this post!  I love the Stevie Nicks song!! 

Blessings to you!



The things that this article says ring true with me, also.

I don't often reply. On this topic and in this thread, I am much more active than in others, simply because I feel that I need to be.

I have started a local group, aimed at welcoming and gathering together those from different paths, so we know each other and can learn and teach. A few years ago, I would NEVER have done such a thing. One reason is that my significant other vehemently protested. The other reason was that I feared the repercussions it might have and that I might be in danger because of the community I was living in....I stopped fearing when I realized that the group was a need that not many would dedicate to because of time, circumstances or affiliations; no judgement there....Things are as they are and sometimes can not be changed.

Now, I am unafraid. Just as I do not fear what is coming in the near future of our planet, I also do not fear the repercussions of being in this group, helping it form. I have realized more of my personal power....It is a journey and I will realize more everyday.

I feel that I am blessed to be included in this group with so many who are accepting of all of us, even with our differences, realizing that we are all on this journey together.

Another change that I have noticed within myself is that my abilities have gotten stronger. I love beautiful Tarot decks, but no longer need them to 'read'. I can sometimes hear what people are thinking (it is a rare thing, but, a new thing for me).  I can feel energies MUCH better than I used to be able to, to the point of physical sensation.  My dreams have become prophetic and about 100 times more vivid; I remember them to the detail almost every night...Something that is new, also.

And all of these changes have occurred in the last 4-5 years. Needless to say, I welcome them...I feel that these changes have something to do with what this whole planet and everything on it is going through right now. The vibrations, electromagnetic changes, celestial changes, etc, are effecting us all. I say; be open to it. There are those that will help you through if you are afraid or concerned.

Thank you, Lady Moonheart and everyone, for being here and for sharing a little bit of yourselves.

Blessed Be.

~Red Raevyn

Greetings Lady Moonheart!!


Wow!! After reading that, I was simply overjoyed-that was a WONDERFUL piece of literature!! Thank you for sharing that and giving me that extra push to continue on!! Brightest Blessings and Love to you!!


Blessed Be,


I am so happy this has been so well received here.  It is a brillant speech and an inspriation to women all over the world.  As so many women are waking up to their inner power, separate from men.  For far too long women have ridden the coat tails of men.  It is now our time to step out and take our personal power BACK.  Sorry, guys.  We need to do this on our own. 


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