I was talking to a stranger at a doctors office the other day when they noticed my pentagram..they said "oh your a pagan". I said yes i am...they immediatelly replied " you must be a lesbian then". I asked why the person assumed that...they said that most pagans are gay from their observation..I was stunned. do you think that alot of lgbt are pagan?

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I would assume that most likely, a lot are. We by and large don't have the prejudice against lgbt people based on religion. Mostly, unfortunately, like any group of people, there are exceptions, but paganism as a religion doesn't have a set doctrine against us that I'm aware of. Unlike a lot of major religions.

Hard to say about up here in NJ because I've only interacted briefly with one group I consider friendly but not overly inclusive. They require you to take a bunch of their classes and things to be initiated and thus able to go to all of their events; I'm a solitaire so that's not my groove. I just like to be able to attend a ritual or event now and then when I can. However, down in Texas where I was MUCH more active in the community, I'd say maybe half of my friends were LGBTQ+, polyamorous, open relationships, etc. I know we get a wide variety of sexualities because Paganism, in general, has no rules barring those people while a lot of mainstream religions do. So they end up where they are welcomed without judgment.

On an amusing side note: For some reason, people often assumed I was a lesbian despite the fact that I attended most of the event with a guy on my arm. There were people I'd known for years who looked stunned to find I was living with a guy when he wasn't even the first I'd lived with. I guess some people aren't overly observant?


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