Same Sex Ritual and the establishment of Polarity Flow.


It is sometimes been objected, by people who do not understand the ancient mysteries, that ace of same-sex rituals polarity flow cannot be established as ace with heterosexual polarity ritual.


Not only is this a misunderstanding, but there are of course many instances in which “same-sex ritual” appropriate form of ritual activity.


However there are some rituals that require polarity flow, that would be appear require both males and females in ritual the solution has always been known in traditional circles, but it is virtual unknown outside of such circles.


In ancient times it was recognised that “change of sex” or an androgeneity were actually required in some ritual situations, for example in the story of Hercules and Omphalae, Hercules wore the clothing of the Queen for ritual purposes. During the Middle Ages such “cross dressing” was known as part of witchcraft practice, for example one reasons that Joan of Arc was widely believed to be which is the fact that she adopted male clothing.


In similar fashion shamans in many cultures practised cross dressing for ritual purposes. However there is a “missing element” in all these stories because the “technique” was either, so well-known as to require no comment, or concealed for religious purposes.


In order to establish “polarity flow” and sex ritual the “assistance” of certain material substances is required. Substances that “reverse the polarity flow of sexual energy are elm wood and graphite, if a person holds a wand of Elmwood, or has graphite in for example as a graphite ring then that person’s “sexual polarity” Angel on the “inner planes”.


This method was also used in ancient times to “disguise oneself” during astral projection, where one could appear to be male if a female and female if a male. This was achieved by touching and Elm wand or wearing a graphite ring before projecting. There was also a specific kind of “mischiefmaking” that could be done with an Elm wand by changing cones into vortexes, and vortexes into cones. This principle is also utilised as a “switching procedure” during some forms of normal traditional magickal practice.


Elm wands were therefore made with leather hand grips so that the “polarity changing properties turned on or off by gripping the one in different ways.


The same principle is used in ancient times (and is still used in modern traditionalist circles) for various purposes of initiation and also for same sex marriage rituals . The ancient Celtic tradition always recognised same-sex unions, and regarded bisexual unions as particularly holy.


In ancient Gaul it was illegal ring in person who was not bisexual to be a judge or magistrate or exercise a judicial role, unless they were bisexual. The authorities describe the reason for this custom as being so that the people would have confidence that they were not discriminating against either sex. But this is a misunderstanding, it is simply that Celtic tradition had a different way of understanding sexuality. Another example of “bisexuality” literature is the fund in some versions of the Tain where you are as wife asks him to “bring back a fair maiden for both of us”.


Ancient Celtic recognised “interactive sexes” and a number of other sexual categories. The six sexes were heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual male and female, and a number of other categories that into this “triadic structure” such as solitary and trans-human categories.


It is ironic that in modern times the major objection to same-sex ritual comes from some pagans who have unconsciously absorbed “Christian reformation values” with out being consciously aware of it. No one conversant with ancient ritual and some contemporary traditional practice would make such an assertion, it is only because such matters are not properly understood that question could arise first place.

The “sex changing properties” of Elm and graphite brought to public attention by the dowser Tom Lethbridge, but he did not realise that it was merely “rediscovering” ancient practical tools that had been known and utilised in traditionalist circles for thousands of years.,


Modern pagans unaware of this “spiritual technology” may find it interesting to compare the energy flows in same-sex rituals with and without Elmwood or graphite and note the differences for themselves.

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Thanks for this write-up. I think more people who are trying to follow old ways need to understand that there have always been same-sex people doing rituals.

I agree with your sentiment,mmy point was thatnot only have always been people out there doing same-sex rituals, but that was honoured and celebrated in the ancient pagan seems to me that too many peopleare unaware of simple historical fact. My other point was that a sophisticated "energy technology" was evolved partly to deal with apparent issues of polarity praxis in certain traditional circles. I would point out that does not involve sophisticated technology unless there is deemed to be a good reason for doing so! This is further evidence that same sex working was regarded as an important part of traditionalist working. As I have pointed out there was an ancient Celtic model of sexuality based on the threefold Indo-European pattern, in its more complex form this can be shown to be isomorphic with the Kabbalistic tree of life,, from a metaphysical viewpoint this is significant sincethe tree of life is one of the major metaphysical working tools of the contemporary Western tradition. Since orthodox Kabbalistic theory regards the tree of life is the legitimate"template of creation"by thatsame-sex unions are part of the original design of the universe!

My husband and I  are always looking for same-sex rituals to incorporate into our lives here in Cheney, WA with the things that we are called to do for the LGBT community. Do you know where we can find some of the rituals that we can look at to see how they will fit into the Native American traditions we are following?

Aho, Blessed Be

There is a great deal of ritual material available, but I will mention only one source of material here because well documented and used to great advantage to annoy the fundamentalist Christians!There is a book called "the marriage of likeness"by Prof John Boswell of Harvard University this book contains almost 100 same-sex Christian marriage rituals! The rituals can serve as a framework for other rituals than marriage rituals and in my opinion definitely proves that in the early Christian church there was a rich tradition of same-sex marriage! So if any of the Christian fundamentalists try to tell you differently just smile and quote the book at them!

There are also of course several Native American traditions that incorporated same-sex unions and such practices were part of shamanism in general, you might like to check out the bibliography of "shamanism arcade techniques of ecstasy" by M Elidae on this subject the author mentions several instances in the text.

Interesting write up, the bit about Elmwood and graphite was enlightening. As a solitary spirit practitioner I have met spirits who like to change sex/gender between conversations or in the case of one spirit mid conversation. Astral projection is always interesting to say the least. 

I tend not to try and label the various genders and just go by feel, intuition speaks more to me then words do. I tend to use the phrase 'between people' for people in the spectrum a number of whom I have dated. Interesting to know about the Celtic bisexuality aspect I have Celtic heritage and noticed I connected more with Celtic spirits, also I am bisexual, wonder which is the greater influence.

Again really good read do you have any sources you could link me to? 

I believe sex magick to be not necessarily solely about polarity of energies (although it could be... and even in the way of same-gender sex magick) but the union of the will and consciousness of two people combined into one and released into the universe through the ecstasy of orgasm. It's like two people working together to make something happen - eg. people come together and through their union and orgasm is formed one child - but with the desired effect of affecting the outside universe in the context of "low magick".

On the other hand, sex magick can very much be about the dissolution of opposites and any number of other desirable spiritual results in terms of "high magick". And even then, both high and low magick can be simultaneously performed, with or without sex magick specifically being used as the technique by which one achieves this end.

(I know of a certain infamously historical someone who found it objectionable to employ such a method with a certain male lodge mate to the end of Enochian magic and other simultaneous Theurgical aspirations... but their practice was said to have resulted in great success... and "success is your proof", as they say.)

So overall, it can be used in a number of various ways. Incidentally, I don't think that I would qualify being heterosexuality as being a necessary bar from objectivity and more than I would say that bisexuality necessitates equality. Many of the Romans were openly bisexual, yet women in that culture were sort of given their unfortunate places at times too. It was a male-dominated society, and I could be anthropologically incorrect, but I'd assume that males were thusly valued more in some ways than females... all things being equal.

I Specificlyused the term "polarity praxis to imply more than just sex Magick as that term is normaly understood!naturaly All levels of the Human subtle bodies including the emotional mental and spiritual levels are involved!

I recomendDion Fortune's Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marage not for its Hetrosexual presupositions but for its valid description of the laws of polarity and how the operate on the various spiritual plains.

RE:Joan of Arc

Not true. First of all, it was just flat out against the law for women to dress as/pretend to be men. So that was strike one. Men could cross-dress for theatrical purposes without issue. Women weren't allowed to play any role whatsoever in the military. That was strike two. Joan was considered a witch because she spoke of having visions, etc. Priests (men) could have visions like they were doing acid all day long. Poor girls from rural areas? Not so much. They were either crazy or a witch. The latter was more entertaining so the witch thing was just the icing on the "Let's punish this impudent girl!" cake.


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