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12 Days of Yule

Started by Vincent Enlund. Last reply by Vincent Enlund Dec 27, 2010. 4 Replies

Yule (Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide, December) 21stFirst night of Yule - Mother NightSacred to Frigga, Fraya and the Desir"To our mother Nerthus, to whom we live upon and on, To our…Continue

Personal Disclaimer on the monthly Holiday postings

Started by Vincent Enlund Jun 25, 2010. 0 Replies

As some you know I post my ideas on many of the Asatru holidays that are a part of many heathen calendars. I always have people complain about one thing or another, hear and there, but for the most…Continue

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Comment by Vincent Enlund on January 17, 2012 at 12:34pm

January (Snowmoon - Æfter-Giuli - Thorri) 19th - 25th
Thorrablot (Thor's Feast)

This holiday began the Old Norse month of Þorri. Today this festival starts on the Friday of January between the 19th and 25th (the 13th week of winter in Iceland).

Thorrablot was a sacrificial midwinter festival offered to the gods in pagan Iceland of the past. It was abolished during the Christianization of Iceland, but resurrected in the 19th century as a midwinter celebration that continues to be celebrated to this day. Thorrablot (or Thor's Feast) is still observed in Iceland with parties and a mid-winter feast. It is, of course, sacred to Thor or the ancient Icelandic Winter spirit, Thorri (who some historians claim may be a post Christain version of Thor). On this day a blot is dedicated to Thor; he who protects us from the Rime-Thurses (the Frost Giants).

On this occasion, locals come together to eat, drink and be merry. It is a time to get to know the other Gods as it is winter's coldest month and a time to be by a warm fire. Thorrablot (Icelandic: "Þorrablót") takes place in the coldest dark days of the year, and many of the foods served are the smoked/pickled produce of the previous year. Customary, the menu consists of unusual culinary delicacies, known as traditional Icelandic food. These will include rotten shark’s meat (hákarl), boiled sheep’s head, (svið) and congealed sheep’s blood wrapped in a ram’s stomach (blóðmör)! This is traditionally washed down with some Brennivin - also known as Black Death – a potent schnapps made from potato and caraway. It is a Scandinavian tradition with lots of viking history.

After the Thorrablot dinner, get ready for group games, old songs and stories, accompanied by drinking (another famous Viking past-time). Later in the evening, dances start and often continue until the early morning when the Thorrablot celebrations draw to an end.

On this day, raise a horn, and gather family and friends together for a great feast, music and celebration. Share some stories and maybe do a little drinking. Now don't forget to thank Thor for all of this, after all this is his feast.

Hail the Folk,

Comment by Vincent Enlund on December 20, 2011 at 12:32pm

Yule (Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide, December) 20th
First night of Yule - Mothers Night
Sacred to Frigga, Fraya and the Desir

"To our mother Nerthus, to whom we live upon and on, To our mother Frigga, keep our household whole and safe, To our mother Freyja, great Dis and Valiant Van.
To our Ancestors, grand mothers and great all. The line of woman go back from Elmbla and forward until Leifthansa. Strength and courage were theirs and may it always be so.
For our Desir, we hail you one and all. Proud possessors of the family luck. Bless us in the coming year!
Hail the Goddesses! Hail the Ancestors! Hail the Desir!"
- Dave and Sandi Carron with Ravencast - The Asatru Podcast

As the night before the Winter Solstice, this is the time when the New Year is born. We honor the beginning of the Sun's return and the breaking of Winter's spell. Traditionally, this night belongs to Frigg, the mother Goddess and mistress of home and hearth. Celebrations center around the wife or mother of the family as she symbolically cleans the house in preparation of Yule festivities, invites both the living and the dead to join the party, and bestows blessings and gifts on her family and friends. Mother Night Parties follow a special blot and ceremony where the house is lit with candle light. Sometimes, this includes a Yule Wreath of four candles, the decorating of an evergreen tree with sunwheels, and the lighting of the Yule Log. I am especially fond of Mother Night as it was the the first Heathen holiday I ever celebrated.

On this day we also remind ourselves of the virtue of Industriousness. Modern Asatruar must be industrious in their actions. We need to work hard if we are going to achieve our goals. There is so much for us to do. We’ve set ourselves the task of restoring Asatru to it’s former place as a mainstream faith and by doing so reinvigorating our society and culture. We can’t do this by sitting on our virtues, we need to make them an active part of our behavior. Industry also refers to simple hard work in our daily vocations, done with care and pride.

Many Asatru also calibrate each day of the 12 days of yule as an expression of each of the months of the year. In this tradition we will keep in mind the month of Snowmoon (January) and the Charming of the plow keeping in mind gifts to the soil, the earth and to the dead, as well as reminding ourselves of our debt to our ancestors and our decedents.

Glad Yuletide to Everyone. Hail,

Comment by Vincent Enlund on June 28, 2011 at 1:31pm
OK, so I just wanted to post a little something now that we are back from Southwest Frith Moot and sort of getting back to normal :)

I wanted to say what a great time my family and I had at SFM this year. Chuck and Mountain Haven Kindreds hospitality was exceptional. The new people that we met where friendly, welcoming and well spoken. As well as the old faces of friends that we are always happy to share our time and kinship with.

There where folks and kindreds from Arizona, New Mexico and even all the way down from Colorado Springs in attendance. We shared good food, good drink, and great stories. Bill played some great tunes on the fiddle and the guitar. All of the kids seemed to have a good time on both land and in the water. The park was beautiful and the weather was great.

In short, I just want to say that we are really glad that we could attend, meet new people and make the new friends that we did. I hope to be able to do this again next year and hopefully make this event a welcome tradition to our communities.

Hail to the folk,
Comment by Vincent Enlund on February 1, 2011 at 12:24pm

February (Horning) the New Moon or the 2nd
Barri / Disting / Charming of the Plow


Glad Charming of the Plow,


Comment by Vincent Enlund on January 25, 2011 at 4:26pm
Hail Folks!
Announcing the second Annual Southwest Frith Moot being held in the majestic wood of Bluewater State Park, New Mexico. We are hoping to make this a great heathen community building event for the general Southwest and surrounding areas. There will be several individual heathens and independent Kindreds in attendance as well as members from several of the National Organizations, like the Asatru Alliance, the Troth and Asatru Folk Assembly.

This event is not being financially sponsored by any National Organizations. This event is being hosted by the Mountain Haven Kindred, the Wanderer Kindred, Asatru Council of New Mexico and Raven Radio for the purpose of building a better local heathen community. The event is being supported by the Asatru Alliance and The Troth through web site postings and public community support. Hopefully other Organizations will follow suite and let there communities and members in the area know what we are doing as well.

If you like you can go to the website and see all of the info and details their.

The date for this event is set firm on June 24th, 25th and 26th (that is a Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

We will have several seminars, classes, demonstrations, round table discussions, children’s games and adult activities scheduled that you can read through on the website

If you have anything you would like to give a presentation on or host a discussion about please let us know ASAP so we can schedule it.
Comment by Vincent Enlund on December 9, 2010 at 11:14am
Yule (Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide, December) the 9th
Day of Remembrance for Egil Skallagrimsson

Odin was his God, and the blood of berserks and shape-shifters ran in his family. His lust for gold and for fames was insatiable. Yet the same man was passionately moved by the love of his friends and generously opened handed to those who found his favor. The same brain that seethed with war-fury also composed skaldic poetry capable of calming angry kings. Can it be by accident that Egil worshipped Odin, the great solver of paradoxes and riddles? Indeed all Asafolk - but especially those who follow the one-eyed God of battle and magic - can learn much from the life of this amazing man.

On this day I will raise a horn to heathens misunderstood but true to the old ways. On this day I remind myself of the true poet warriors of our ancestors and the effects that they have had on our culture both past and present.

Hail to the Folk,
Comment by Vincent Enlund on November 23, 2010 at 1:37pm
Fogmoon, Blotmonath, Frermanudhr (November) 23rd
Feast of Ullr and Skadi (Ancestor Blot, Weyland Smith's Day)

Many Asatruar in the USA use the national Thanksgiving holiday to honor our Gods and Goddesses of the hunt (it is deer hunting season in many parts of the country). We thank them for a successful hunting season with a blot and also bless/honor those who hunt to support the family. Weapons are dedicated on this day to Ullr. Some also take advantage of the family-oriented secular holiday to honor their personal ancestors. At my home, we set an extra place at the table and leave it empty so that any ancestor who wishes may join us for the feast. This is a great time for telling tales handed down through the family. Still other Asatruar refer to this holiday as "Weyland Smith's Day" and uses it to honor that great Germanic craftsman as well as those artists and artisans around us

On this day I take time out with my Kindred and friends to shoot our bows, throwing some axes, playing some Kubb and always playing a little Glima (Scandinavian Folk Wrestling of which Ullr is still remembered as the god of).

Hail to the Folk
Comment by Vincent Enlund on November 10, 2010 at 1:36pm
Fogmoon, Blotmonath, Frermanudhr (November) 11th
Feast of the Einherjar

In Norse religion, the Einherjar (Old Norse "lone fighters") are spirits of warriors who had died bravely in battle.

After they die, the valkyries, the battle maidens of Odin, escort half of the slain from the battlefield to Valhalla (these are the "einherjar"), which is part of Asgard (commonly described as the "Norse Heaven"); the other half went to Fólkvangr (Freyja's hall). The Grímnismál describes Valhalla as having five hundred and forty doors, and through each of them, eight hundred could march abreast (a hundred, hundrað, in Old Norse could mean either 100 or 120), indicating the size of the hall and the numbers of the einherjar.

Every day the Einherjar are awakened by Gullinkambi, a rooster, and march out to the great field of Idavoll in the heart of Asgard to fight against each other in merry (and mortal) combat. At dusk, when they are all cut to pieces, save perchance a few, they are miraculously healed, and march back into Valhalla, where Andhrímnir, the cook of the gods, has prepared a meal for them from the beast Sæhrímnir and the mead milked from Heiðrún, a goat feeding on the leaves of the Læraðr tree. The einherjar then spend the evening and night in feast, served by lovely valkyries, until they all fall asleep, probably solidly drunk.

The Einherjar will stand with the forces of the Æsir at Ragnarök, when Odin will call them up to fight the forces of the giants.

The chosen heroes who sit in Odin’s Hall are the Einherjar. Today we honor those dead kin who gave their lives for Family and Folk.

Today I remind many people that although we we celebrate the Feast of the Einherjar that does not mean the we do not recognize or celebrate Veterans Day, on the contrary, as Heathens we choose to expand our celebration of Veterans Days by adding the Feast of the Einherjar. On Veterans Day we celebrate all of those military persons that have served and are serving both living and dead. With the Feast of the Einherjar we celebrate all of those that have given there life as warriors in battle for family and folk.

I look at today as a day not only to remember all of the fallen Heros but also to remind myself of all of those Heros that risk life and well being to better the folk today, EMTs, Fire Fighters, Nurses, Police Officers and of course mostly our proud Military Personnel. These are the folk that give of themselves to serve us, many time with little to no reward or recognition.
Comment by Vincent Enlund on November 8, 2010 at 1:15pm
Fogmoon, Blotmonath, Frermanudhr (November) 9th
Day of Remembrance for Queen Sigrith of Sweden

When Olaf the Lawbreaker had been king of Norway for three years, he asked Queen Sigrith of Sweden to marry him. She agreed, but when he insisted that she give up her ancestral Gods for Christianity Sigrith replied, “I do not mean to abandon the faith I have led, and my kinsmen before me. Nor shall I object to your belief in the god you prefer.” The Queen's Heathen tolerance was met with Olaf's imprecations and he delivered a blow to Queen Sigrith's face. The wedding was off - depriving Olaf of political power that could have greatly sped his controle of Scandinavia. As it were, history tells us that the Heathens held on for over 300 more years in the Northlands. Hail Sigrith, defender of Asatru, and women of stubborn virtue!

On this day I try to remind myself first of the needs and wants of my beautiful, wise and stubborn wife and mother of my children (as all men should on this day and any others), and raise a horn to Queen Sigrith. I also try to remind myself of our ancestors acceptance of other peoples religious beliefs. Remember our ancestors always believed that the individual was responsible for their own beliefs as well as their own actions. I tell myself do not try to tell other free folks what or how to believe or worship, but do not allow other to change my beliefs or ideals ether. We are all still free folk.
Comment by Vincent Enlund on November 8, 2010 at 1:15pm
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