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Who am I? - Defining the person on the broom...

Make your presentation here...we all want to know who you are... Came on, don't be shy...

Started by Karagan

37 Feb 15, 2015
Reply by Spiritual Cosmic Embrace

How do u know

Think I may of had an o.b.e while I was sleeping is that possible? Was like I was seeing through another persons eyes and when I woke it fe…

Started by steven cutcher

5 Dec 6, 2013
Reply by steven cutcher

Problems with Projection

I can't seem to astral project to save my life. I saw a post about your sign having an affect on your ability, but I'm a scorpio and I just…

Started by Allura Darkelf

8 Dec 2, 2013
Reply by Caerulea Mosaica

Types of Projection - The Astral Planes

The astral planes are usually conceived as either realms that overlap the physical in different layers, or as states of consciousness tha…

Started by Karagan

4 Dec 2, 2013
Reply by Caerulea Mosaica

let me out!

Isn't it interesting how everybody is so busy trying to find away to get out of their blessed corporeal bodies, and wasting the time they g…

Started by goodrobn47

5 Apr 6, 2013
Reply by Ur Hekau

The relevance of time and space in regard to interacting on the astral realms.

My girlfriend posed a question to me the yesterday or day before in regard to us meeting in the astral world. We have interacted with each…

Started by Tribal Lord

4 Mar 20, 2013
Reply by nel

The pins and needles experience

Hello everyone.     I've never been able to control leaving my body.  It's happened many times, though not for quite a few years.  The expe…

Started by Jayelle

1 Mar 20, 2013
Reply by nel

Conditions for projection

There seems to be a few ideas on the best conditions for projecting. Some think the etheric body should be highly charged, some think it sh…

Started by Ur Hekau

1 Mar 20, 2013
Reply by nel

Experiences on Astral Projecting - What do you see?

This is the place to share your astral experiences. What are your level of experience?

Started by Karagan

30 Oct 21, 2012
Reply by Gabriel Pendragon

if one projects, and looks in the mirror..what will they see?

curious question...timid to try it though... and somewhere i read ..the little white blurs in pictures may or may not be people projecting…

Started by Inno a Satana

10 Mar 11, 2012
Reply by Ur Hekau


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