curious question...timid to try it though...

and somewhere i read ..the little white blurs in pictures may or may not be people projecting as well...

idk what to think about that

what do yall have to say?

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thats really intresting
I have tried many times all i am able to see is my body (its like my face has been edited out), but the funny thing is its not my body. im of average height, kinda heavier set and darker complected, and the body in my reflection is taller, skinny and very pale complected. I have seen the same image since as far back as I can remember. I want to see my face because i have been told if you can see you face you will realize who you were your past life/lives. On the other hand I've done horrible things while having lucid dreams, including murder with my bare hands, and those could be hints to my past. Oh yeah the white blurs in pics, I have seen them without the camera when i was very young, i dont see them as much anymore but i do feel them. Some are living souls and some are souls looking for something. So does that answer your question
From what I know about mirrors, which is very little, you never want to scry into a silver mirror and assume the same goes for astral travel. I'd be too afraid of being trapped inside the mirror or connect with something malevolent behind it. If I were to use a mirror for this purpose I'd use a black one.
Ive looked into all reflective surfaces. The only ones that have caused problems were silver ones. I end up thinking Ive awakened, but i haven't, and there is a being scowling at me. Its just like its scolding me but without saying a word. I'm unable to wake until it has finished, no matter how hard i try. It's the most terrifying experience, yet for some reason i do it every time. When i do wake it feels as though someone has been sitting on my chest and trying to smother me. try it if you want let me know what happens
why does it matter if you use a black mirror? I know obsidian, which is a reflective black surface, is used a lot and is considered a potent material but what is the symbolism behind black reflective things? I have my own theory but I wanted to hear others.
I don't really see what purpose there is in trying to astrally project into a mirror.
not projecting into the mirror looking into on in the state of projection
u can project into a mirror to look in to urself either past, present, or future
And you can access parallel planes......

Would the mirror that is in the physical world reflect images that are non-physical?


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