Make your presentation here...we all want to know who you are...
Came on, don't be shy...

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Well I am a 35 year old pagan who was born with a pentacle in my hand so to speak. My mother, grandmother and great grandmother were pagans, so naturally thats what I was brought up as. I have know I have been a medium since I was 10 years old when I heard and saw my first spirit on the other side. I am gay which really doesnt matter but I am just throwing it out there, and I have an 18 year old daughter who I love very much. I hope that this is
Ok I guess now it's me right?

Well, I'm 36 years old, born Portuguese but American by heart, Alexandrian Witch. For almost 15 years I've learned as wel as practiced many pagan traditions and finally I found my home on the British Traditional Wicca. I'm married. I'm not politically correct (well I'm European for G...sake) and I'm very direct. I'll say what I have to say...sometimes my tongue moves faster than my head and

That's it I think...
WHO am I??? I'm a 47 year old Witch, Pagan, gnostic, hedonist, heretic, non-conformist, liberalist and writer. NO wait a minute...that's pretty much WHAT I am, huh? LOL!
WHO am I??? Good see of late I seem to have misplaced my image in the mirror...I've no idea WHO I am anymore...but I CAN tell you that I'm NOT who I was! LOL! And I'm LIKELY not who I'll eventually be!
Hello... I'm a 25 year old Angelic-Erisian pagan who has never been able to project... at least astrally. Used to be, I could go into ... it's hard to describe... it's like a place between dreams. But I could only do it while I was actually asleep. I've always wanted to be able to astral project, but I've never managed it. I got close once, but my guardian spirit actually slapped me back down. I was hoping I could get some help in this group...
I think its harder to describe your self , ha ha , anyway , im a 31 years old. I have been wiccan for over 5 years now. I have been interested in paranrmal since I can remember. I do remember having vivid dreams when I was yonger and after reading on them now they appear to be a form of projection. Now that I am older I have not been able to do so. Thats why I am here . Learn as much as I can. Professional , I am a VW mechanic. I am into anything with an engine on it. I collect antique radios and I work with dog and cat rescuse to help them find good homes and foster them.
HI I'm Freeda 54 yearold beginner! I have always seen things and 'felt' what others feel. I was raised in MS by a very- very religious Granny who was a nature healer. I'm hear to learn mostly, teach what I can and make new pagan friends.I have already learned quite abit from this group and would like to thank you all for being so sweet and tolorant with this ' newbie ' ,
One of the reasons I'm here is that as a child of 6 or 7 I Saw my Granny astrally project, she or her sprit just walked of the porch and flew away. when I ran to the kitchen to look for her she was there, just sitting in a trance at the table. I've kept this in my mind all these years.
OOPs My Bad sry

i didnt do this 1st i appoligize to group . hmm about me well if you havent gessed i sometime jump in with both feet brfor looking uhg. and post what ever comes to my mind on inpulse ouch sometimes.

well then thats outa the way
I am 44 i drive truck i am a grandfather.husband, dad, brother son,them our the Good names :) like anyone else here on this spinning garden i am what my thoughts and envirments have made me..... i am on a spiritual path that is christian based in the earlest form of it. befor religion got ahold of it. i have ethricaly travled that is my only method of obe. i leaned in crystal jouney class and it serves me well in healing work i do. i use quantum touch as my healing modality.

I like waving at people like i am there long lost brohter. its fun to have fun.
Hi. I am Donna. 49, New Jersey. 6 years on a solitary path with my life partner. However, we do a lot of traveling to pagan events in the Virgina, NJ, PA, DE, NY area so we have had a diverse meeting of the minds along the way. We make soap and do workshops and sell art. to help pay our festival addiction.
I did astral projection as a child without knowing what I was doing. It was quite easy back then. Now I struggle and can't believe I did not take advantage of what I was able to do naturally.
It seems I'm the youngin here..again. -_- I cannot believe I just said youngin but I never erase what I write. Anywho, I'm 19 years old, a girl and a neo-pagan. I'm new to paganism and all it's affiliates but I'm ever seeking for knowledge. I've always felt a strong connection to nature, sometimes I just wander out onto the trails behind my house and delve into wooded areas. I love to spend days just meditating in the forest. I think that's about it...Oh, I also love to cook. Some day I hope to become a world renowned Chef.

Please take care of me. :)
Hi im Gracy im 35 will be 36 in march. i have always classed myself as me myself and i lol But now i class myself As A spiritualist. I was brought up into a strict Catholic house and would sit in church on a sunday and be shaking my head saying it's all lies god will not be happy with you all. lol I was doing this from the age of 7 till i was about 13 my dad refused to take me any more. lol I have been Astral Projecting since i was in a crib it comes natraly for me...don't ask why i haven't a clue. I write most of these up in MySpace blogs i will be putting them in My page in here So ppl can read them. When i get ill i always get healing from my spirit guides or loved ones that have passed (im a verry lucky person to recive this) I write about my Premonitions, Obe's, Healing from above, and other stuff. I do not class myself as a Psychic or a Medium Because i can't do it on demand. So im just me. Although i do feel and sence things.I can stand next to someone and feel there heat. I think that will do.. lol
Hello, I'm a 25 year old chaote(Paradigm consists of- Ceremonial(and its various sub-types), Qabalism, Dischordianism, Daoism....been sorta looking into zen/esoteric buddhism as well). While i've had practice i've had little results(those vibratatory cds, just mediation, trying to use visualization techniques). I hope I can figure away of achiving an OBE long enough that I can see if I did correctly
I had a long standing projection with some friends into a shared dream. We all projected into the same dream space and cast an alignment so that we could fall asleep at different times and still start the dream at the same point in time ^_^ It was really wonderful. We would discuss the events the next day and future plans and such ^_^


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