This is the place to share your astral experiences. What are your level of experience?

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Like Gypsy - as a child trying to fall asleep, I would amuse myself by lifting out of body twirling around and having a grand ole' time. How bogged down with fear we become as we age. It is hard for me to do now. I can start to lift, feel a bit giddy and come crashing down.
A few times I have travelled after having a few drinks - perhaps it eases the fear - and have been able to go through a wall to the outside, feel the actual weather elements. Then i come to my sense, and come thrashing back into my body. Not unpleasant, just frustrating.
I'm sure everyone has this "OMG, other people do that too!" I won't bore you with the details of the excitement. LOL

I astrally projected until I was in my mid-twenties, at least (I'm now 34). My youngest daughter is nine, and she was at least a year old the last time I projected. Up until now, I didn't realize what I was doing.
Unfortunately, fear is what made me not want to do it. When I was little, I would have this feeling like I was so very tired, but I'd look around and see the things going on around me. But then I'd get frustrated, because I couldn't move my head, or my arm. Eventually, I would fell like I was wide awake and all was good, even getting up, stretching, looking around. Once, I even went to check on my kids who were sleeping. I then slammed back into my body, and realized the whole time that I was asleep. I went to check on the kids again, and they were in exactly the same positions. I hadn't checked on them in hours, and two of my four kids move a lot in their sleep. I found that weird at the time. I also distinctly remember feeling like I shouldn't be afraid of it, and wouldn't be if someone would just give me a good reason not to be afraid.

My father has also astral projected, although I dont' think he's ever put a name to it, either. I did describe the feeling to him once, and he told me to do my best to move my arm or make it drop off the edge of the bed and that would wake me up. For some reason, the last one frightened me just enough that it hasn't happened again. But it happened off and on for years.
Well, after many years of work (most of which was on other things that would help in astral work), I am finally beginning to make a breakthrough! However, I do not see the physical world - I see patterns of light, but when I am in that space, I "know" where I am, why I am there, what I am doing, what I am looking for, and navigate it all instantly. I cannot remember anything about what anything looked like and why I knew how to "translate" it into the result - I just remembered the results. I could navigate expertly and instantly upon intention, and I felt very protected and strong. One particular thing I was "looking into" was to see if there were any unsavory attachments to a friend of mine, and to look into a possible source. When I went to the source, he was trying to hide from me, which told me something was up - but when I intended to investigate further, a red flaming heart was shown to me, and I knew that (a) there was a cord to cut, and (b) this person created it out of fear - this person is losing his current mate (whom he also has an energetic attachment to), and is looking at replacing the energy through my friend. When I came back, I knew when the cords were cut, that she could not deal with this person ever again in the physical - so she cut the cord and ended it all. After the shake-out, which was pretty bumpy (and even revealed another person similar in energetic signature that she also ended all contact with), she ended up a very short time later encountering a great relationship!

Anyway, I just want to say that not all of us see the way the world is, or the way the world would be - sometimes, we don't see really "anything" but know what it means, and how to interpret, navigate, etcetera, and to me this can be just as good.

For much of the work I did, this is on Anthony's thread:
I would witness my parents' activities when they went out on a weekend after I was put to bed. I thought they were dreams at first.
Hiya everyone! this is my first time here- thought this site can help me with questions and suggestions etc.. so thought Id post my experience!
Its happened a few times really, different places, different feelings. Once as I was sleeping, I thought I woke up and it felt like there was a huge rush of wind pushing me down, not necessarily falling per se, something like it- along with a whistling noise. Another time was at a different house I was holding my boyfriends hand and fell asleep, and again I was partially awake, however not much of the windiness and I saw the ceiling of the room but- I heard a lot of voices, loud, and couldnt understand anything, it kind of freaked me out so I forced myself to wake up fully. My mum says if Im ever scared or I think theres something wrong to just think of going back and I automatically will.. anyway what do you folks think?
i normally have demons attack me.or once God spoke to me.and i have like opens the door for them

but also ive heard voices.but no bodys

for two whole years every single time i slept i would do it.not nkowing what it would be napping,night,day anytime.i grew to have a forever fear for it(mainly that whooshy static feeling scared me )

but this year i finally know what it is.and have had new neutral experiences.which make me thirsty for more. bc i know demons wont always be on the other side.hah

but i cant do it on command yet -_-

any suggestions?
You should write a book
What do I see while astral traveling? I could write a book on all the stuff I saw. As a child while growing up I did it every single night. I saw many many things both good and bad. Sometimes I'd see hideous monstrous creatures trying to destroy me and other times there were beautiful angelic souls around me. I've met other people there. I used to go into the future out of curiosity to see what things would be like for me and actually remembered those astral trips when I came in contact with the places I'd traveled to earlier. I know one thing though, things seemed more real out there than when I'm in my body. I'm aware of everything all around me at the same time instead of just in front of me. I haven't been able to consciously get out of my body lately though.
I have had a lot of astral projections and they were all quite different from each other. I will pick out a few nice ones:

I am lying in bed, next to my girlfriend and all of a sudden i woke up. I sat rigt up in bed and i see something that isn't possible. Large spiders are crawling on my pillow and over the whole bed including on my girlfriend and than i realised something. My girlfriend wasn't sleeping with me that night so i must be dreaming and those scary spiders are therefore not real. I lied down on my pillow and went back to sleep, that was funny because i was offcourse already asleep ;)

My next experience is this: I lay in bed and had been reading about astral projection and was ready to try a new technique. I laid down on my back and started relaxing my whole body, i was listening to a brainwave sound through my mp3 player, that seemed to work really well! in no time at all i began to feel my body feeling heavy and light at the same time and before i knew it i was hovering above my body! I began to float to the ceiling and than through the ceiling and above the house, above my town and eventually i was in space! I saw a giant space ship (maybe the ISS? ), unfortunately i got scared because i thought i couldn' t breathe in space and fell back in my body.

Another experience is this: Me and my girlfriend wanted to move to another town on the other side of the country. I'm asleep and dreaming about this and all of a sudden i begin to realize i can control my dream. I begin to influence my dream and begin to do the nice stuff like buying a house, fooling around in the town etc.. The projection itself wasn' t really spectacular but the way i got there was interesting. I was just dreaming and i sort of woke up in my dream and realized i could influence it.

I have had a lot more projections and will write about them later on.
Ive had astral experiences ever since i was a little kid. There is NOTHING like the feeling of being out of your feel so care-free. Its rather hard to explain but it is the most peaceful feeling in the world. Ive always traveled to this city that ive never even been to in real life. While im in this city i always go & visit this big beautiful graveyard that sits up on a hill. At least once or twice a week i go there. I know it has to have some sort of meaning behind it. I belive in re-incarnation and i think that i actually lived in this city in a past-life and maybe the graveyard i go to is one that im buried at?? Ive also traveled out of my body to New York and England. There is nothing in this world like astral traveling.

Nothing, yes i see nothing at all. not that i'm not projecting, its just in regards to spiritual things I am blind. I can feel and sense things and manipulate them to a great extent, just unable to see anything.

Sadly this also makes it hard for me to explain my experiences, seeing as they tend to be felt or simply known, and translating that kinda thing into english is a real pain.

The only thing I'm able to really "see", still use the term loosely, is mindscapes, namely my own. 

Otherwise, i tend to do partial out of bodies on a regular basis, only letting part of my consciousness out to do what i need to get done, then letting the rest of my consciousness stay aware of my surroundings.

For me, never really done any of the reading up on it, or even try to step out first, i just focus on being out and where i need to be and on what i need to do.



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