There seems to be a few ideas on the best conditions for projecting. Some think the etheric body should be highly charged, some think it should be depleted of energy, etc.


For those of you who have managed to make regular projections with full awareness (not me!!!!), is there any specific conditions you try to achieve to aid the effort? I have tried a few things but the best I get is dreams of floating through walls horizontally, or being able to see an actual room around me that is defintely not my own room. As soon as I try to direct the experience it fades away.

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When I first started to be able to reliably astral project about 16 years agoe I used a combination of low light, relaxation positions, various kinds of soothing music, and deep breathing exercises. Originally I found that clearing my mind of nearly all thoughts was very helpful, but as my understanding of the technique became more pronounced I found that alot of my preparation was unnecessary. I would suggest anyone who is attempting to do controlled astral projections perform daily meditative sessions, it will further you to your end. Namaste


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