Think I may of had an o.b.e while I was sleeping is that possible? Was like I was seeing through another persons eyes and when I woke it felt I was bein yanked back to my body.

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Definitely would sound consistent with other accounts of o.b.e. 

Definitely sounds like it. Do you remember any of what you "saw"? Funny I had a similar dream last night but I don't remember feeling pulled back to my body. I just remember "watching" stuff go on but I knew it wasn't my body. Very weird.
Yeah mine was like that I know it was far away but not sure where but I felt being pulled back to my body when I woke I guess the best way to describe it it like jet lag times 5 lol I try writing every thing down when u get up when I wrote down what I remembered it stayed fresh and I started remembering more as the day went on instead of forgetting it
Yeah was the strangest feeling I ever felt when I woke nothing seemed right kinda like I had just been hit by a truck
Yeah remember most of it because I wrote it all Down when I woke up well what I could remember it some ones father had just died and anotheran was telling a young adult or teen ager that they had to be strong that's when I woke up


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