Isn't it interesting how everybody is so busy trying to find away to get out of their blessed corporeal bodies, and wasting the time they got them. Isn't that the way of the Super -Ego of the Human condition! LOl, rolling holding belly, and sides!

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Seeking knowledge,finding out who we really are, see where we come from and see where we are going isnt a waste of time in my opinion.
I didn't say seeking knowledge was Mark" I think it's important to know the body you live in first, instead of trying to find ways of ESCAPING IT.
My opinion' and you know what they say opinions are like right
I know my body all to well lol and would like to get to know my Spirit a little better, hence the astral travel ;)

It is of course important to learn basic techniques like energetic manipulation, chakra control, raising energy, grounding, cycling energy, draining energy, sending energy, etc etc etc. People who are attempting to astral project should consider these abilities to be basic building blocks. Astral projection is not calling the corners or burning sage, it is a mid level technique that ought to only be utilized by those who have mastered the basics. Namaste▲

Is it a case of trying to escape the body or just extend the awareness though?


Most people tend to seek to escape from their physical limitations by getting drunk rather than trying to project.


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