I can't seem to astral project to save my life. I saw a post about your sign having an affect on your ability, but I'm a scorpio and I just can't seem to do it. Any techniques or advice?

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Maybe you're trying to hard. Have you tried just relaxing . letting your mind drift to where you want to be ?Allowing yourself to see whats there and not trying to picture how you think it should be?
Ive been Lucid dreaming for a number of years now. I did leave my body one time. When I looked back and saw myself lying there it scared the peewaddle out of me, and "Poof" I was back in my body. This happened once years ago and havent been able to reach that state again. It just might be that Im doing as you say "Trying too hard", yet I have tried meditation and other means to relax before going to bed. My grandfather is a 92 year young Blackfoot holy man. I woke one early morning to see him entering my room. He can tell me everything from the color of the sheets on my bed to what I had on the top of my dresser at the time. He has never been of the reservation in Alberta physically, and I'm in Nevada.
Do you have a lot of stress? Are your visions blurred? Those things can prevent a succesfull projection. It's delicate balance between sleep and awake to succesfully astral project yourself. Too stressed out and you will be too awake. Too much physical activity and you will fall asleep too soon etc.

Try meditating before you go to bed and read about astral projection or read a fantasy book about which you can dream. And also: don't drink coffee or alcohol in the hours before you go to bed.

For me I had to utterly develop the separation between my body and my mind. I wouldn't say my mind needs to relax, infact to the contrary I usually need to keep my mind rather aware and in a 'certain state' but at the same time my body must be completely relaxed.


I've tried to put music on or burn incense before to help me but the activity of ear to brain or any other sensory stimuli tends to keep my mind grounded in my body, even an itch can mess it up. I hate itches.

That said I have once before Astral projected whilst sat infront of the computer, TV blaring in the background, the smell of food in the kitchen.


Don't try and astral project yourself right away maybe. Start small. Feel your aura, your soul or spirit, the energy that is you inside your body, close your eyes and imagine it covering you, eminating from your body. Practice making it roar out, getting bigger. Try and feel it on your skin all over yourself. For me I always visualised this in my minds eye as coloured flames coursing over my body. It was probably more than a year before I experienced coming out of myself. I didn't know anything about astral projection at the time. I had been doing taekwondo for a while and for some reason all the self visualising of myself doing fancy actobatic moves before I could achieve them created this kind of awareness of body and self that lead to the process much later.


I'd fall asleep after a session very aware of my limits and with my body all pumped up from the exercise. My brain would be racing with thoughts of the little perfections I could have been making and in the moment before I would be falling asleep I'd be throwing myself into the air in my imagination pulling off the moves and feeling it. Of course my body was still, so it was my mind.


There is an element of training the body aswell as the mind. You need to know your body and spirit both fully. I could recommend martial arts but any form of dance or physical expression would do. Something that pushes your body and mind.

Allura Darkelf, Astral projection is a great experience, and everyone wants to try it, and almost all of the people did it, but most of them never noticed it. It’s not that safe in astral, there are a lot of worlds, and a lot of leaving creatures, like angels, or demons, and I can’t tell everything that you may find there, there are a lot of levels, the lower realms and higher ones, and no one can say how many of them you may find. But, It is not a fantasy and those creatures are alive, and they actually leave there, and some of them may be harmful or even attack you. If you want to go to astral you have to have strong energy, for this you have to do some energy practices, clear your mind and your soul, do meditations, so you will know how to turn off your inner voice. And you have to make a magical protection, to protect yourself from creatures that live there, and keeping in mind that all of this creatures there are alive, some of them may even have a physical body like you do. And it’s better to go there while not in sleep, so you can clearly understand everything and have a total control of your astral body.

With experience you will not need all of the meditation to get your mind and body into a deep meditation stage, it will take just one minuet to get out of your body, but one more thing… Do not try to get totally out of your body, I mean you should feel it. It’s Dangerous  to loose connection and totally get out of the body.


And sorry for my English  =)

In one of my books fasting is suggested. What you then do is buidl up a desire to either eat or drink while restraining yourself physically. The astral, being moved emotion/ desire, will then try to satisfy the craving.

Personally I have tried this and got no results. It is also quite hard work purely to make yourself hungry enough.

There are as many methods as people when it comes to astral projection. In the end what it really requires is an ordered mind and a controlled energetic system. Once you have a basic master of both of those things, astral projection will become second nature. Believe in yourselves, believe in your path.Things will come to you in due time if you are diligent. ▲

It's inadvisable to try to go straight to astral travel right away.

As you might have heard from some of the commenters here already, the astral realm is rife with creatures that could potentially harm your soul (though usually only temporarilly), not to mention a few bad apples also travelling there.  Additionally, you need to be able to control your dream state.  Incidentally, there's a good way to solve both problems.

Light your favourite incense, lie down on the floor, and sort of meditate, only having one image in your mind.  When you can no longer feel your extremities (hopefully you won't have fallen asleep by this point, though you should be at the very edge), alter the image in your mind into a few shapes, in particular a few choice animals or mythological beasts.

This is basically an exercise in thought form control.  Once you have a solid mastery of it, you'll actually be able to take on an alternative form while travelling the astral plane.  I recommend doing this lucid dreaming exercise a few times before actually lifting your soul from your body and travelling through the world, and then finally going to the astral plane.  Hopefully that'll work.


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